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We live in a society where gyms are more available to us than they have ever been. 54.1 million Americans have gym memberships yet 78.6 million Americans are considered obese. SO WHAT GIVES?? It’s our diets that are killing us. FAST, TASTY, and socially acceptable; fast food and restaurant dining has become a lifestyle in America. We use food as reward, comfort, and as a tool for socializing. It’s no wonder Americans keep getting larger!

The most dedicated gym goers spend 5% of their time in the gym. Even if you are going to the gym and giving 100% effort during that time, the other 95%, which is eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, is often overlooked. People chart workouts, come up with extreme gym routines, count how many calories are burned, and wear all these fancy gadgets…all in a futile effort to lose a few pounds! When it comes down to it, the other 95% is the key. YOUR DIET!

95 Nutrition was founded under the principle of “SUSTAINABLE DIETING”…meaning it is not a fad diet, there are no gimmicks, and there is no magical pill. We prepare you creative restaurant quality dishes, that will help you realize that you do not have to “suffer” eating bland and boring food to lose weight. Our sustainable dieting program will show you that you CAN eat your favorite dishes-you just have to do it in a smart way. Portion control is NUMBER ONE! You can become overweight from eating chicken breast and broccoli if you eat enough of it!!

No matter what other companies out there tell you, WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. It is a simple math equation. You do not need a 4 year degree in dietary nutrition or 95 Nutrition to figure this out! Calories in to calories out-that is the basis to any great weight loss journey. 95 Nutrition can provide you with the proper tools and education to start your own personal journey towards a healthier life.

As the owner of this company, I can assure you that my team will do EVERYTHING they can to help guide you in living a more healthy and purposeful life. You are in good hands.

Our Team
  • Sierra
    Operations Manager
  • Xavier
    Assistant Kitchen Manager
  • Mike
    Business Development Manager
  • Tracy
    Buffalo District Manager
  • Jesse
    Administrative Assistant
Job Opportunities
  • Here at 95 Nutrition we strive to help others become the best versions of themselves whether that means losing weight, fitness goals, or simply living healthier. One of our core values is TEAM. Everyone working together is what drives the company forward. From our dishwasher to our kitchen manager. From our store associates to our management. Without all working together we cannot succeed. Join Buffalo’s leading and fastest growing meal prep service.

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