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Meal Prep Service In Amherst & Tonawanda NY

95 Nutrition Amherst is a hidden gem, serving healthy prepared meals, homemade protein shakes, and industry-leading supplements to the Amherst/Tonawanda area. This location is inside of our corporate headquarters where all of our healthy meals are prepped daily.


Are you looking for prepared food near UB? Located at 415 Commerce Drive (just off of Sweet Home Road in the office parkway complex), this location is just 5 minutes from the UB North Campus. Students who are looking for more time to study and don’t want to live on junk food can take advantage of our grab-and-go coolers or order online anytime! This location is also only 5 minutes from the Amherst Police Department and Sweet Home High School. If you live in Getzville, Tonawanda, or Amherst, this is the closest store to you!


We also offer delivery to Amherst and surrounding areas!

Meal Prep & Delivery in Tonawanda NY Near UB
Meal Prep & Delivery in Tonawanda NY Near UB
Meal Prep & Delivery in Tonawanda NY Near UB

95 Nutrition makes it affordable and convenient to incorporate better habits into your daily life. Choose from pre-made breakfast, lunch/dinner, soups, salads, and healthy desserts in easy to transport containers. Take advantage of delivery service, gift cards, express order/check out, and our 30 Day Challenge for effective and rapid achievement.

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