What is a Buddha Bowl?

By now you’ve seen a Buddha Bowl on some restaurant’s menu. This bowl trend is popping up all over social media as well… but some may still be wondering, “What is a Buddha Bowl?! ” Take 2 minutes and let me explain: It’s a grain based bowl that combines various vegetable and protein sources into … Continued

Have You Tried a Flexitarian Diet?

To be honest I had no idea what this was when our chef approached us about curating some new dishes for our menu. At first I was hesitant that it would be flavorless and boring but boy was I wrong. Flexitarian is the newest wave of flexible vegetarian style eating in America! With the right … Continued

Do I need to workout to lose weight?

This is a VERY common question that we receive here at 95. I wanted to take a couple minutes to debunk this topic for you! Let’s get started. Looking good & feeling good in your own skin doesn’t require hours & hours in the gym. The end. Yes, In a perfect world we would all … Continued

Lose up to 30 pounds by the time summer hits!

Summer is coming and if you want to look your best it’s time to jump on board with 95 Nutrition. It may not seem like it now but our favorite season here in Buffalo is just 12 weeks away. Wouldn’t it be nice to lose 30 pounds before you slide into those summer shorts?! Here … Continued

Portion Control Only Works If You Do

First let me start by congratulating our January 2021 30 day challenge winner! What a successful month of weight loss she had. Not only did Chantel lose the weight she also will receive a $500 check to treat herself. Now that is a win win. I know some of you are looking at these before … Continued

This or That…

In life we must recognize that we just can’t have it all. This or that is a question we must answer several times daily we just don’t take time to think about it. When it comes to weight loss I find that one of the biggest setbacks people feel right off the bat is “What … Continued

Meal Planning vs. Meal Prepping

Did you wake up this morning with your meals planned and prepped? If the answer is NO this blog is for you. Let me be frank, Your weight loss success in 2021 DEPENDS on meal planning. Meal planning is different from meal prepping. Before you can prep you have to have a plan. Now, if … Continued

Your success depends on your morning routine.

Feeling frustrated/stressed before you even step foot into the workplace in the morning?? This is not ideal for your mental & physical health. If I could place a bet, I would say that almost all of you feeling this way lack a morning routine. I became more focused, less stressed and more productive in my … Continued

Do you have what it takes? (To lose weight)

Weight loss journeys can be one of the hardest journeys you will ever embark on in your life. It’s true, but why is that?? Let’s dive in. You may be sitting here 2 weeks into 2021 still trying to figure out if you “have what it takes to lose weight”. Let me be the first … Continued

Give me ONE WEEK of your life.

Dieting… Dreaded by most, feared by many & simply impossible to some. Why is this? Why can’t we simply make up our minds and decide to commit to restricting calories and losing that weight? I can tell you that in the 5 years I have been coaching our clients that the #1 reason we fail … Continued

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