My postpartum Journey!

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My postpartum Journey!

Hey friends! It has been a crazy year here for me. I found out I was pregnant in February 2019 and from that moment it was all a blur. Between growing the business, taking care of my customers and team members, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, nurturing a healthy marriage and the daily grind.. this year has FLOWN BY💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽!

Now that we are headed into 2020, I am looking in the mirror and slightly frightened by what pregnancy has done to me.😖

Throughout my entire pregnancy I stayed active (at least 30 min a day) and didn’t go CRAZY with the food choices. Yes, I did give in to my cravings. but never in a “binge style”.  I ate 95 Nutrition, cooked dinner when I felt up to it and made my husband hit up the Wendy’s drive thru in my weaker moments🤫(shhhh…. That stays here) At the end of my 9 month journey my I weighted in at 199lbs. I did not get any stretch marks and I literally thought that because I “behaved myself” for the entire pregnancy that I would give birth and leave the hospital in my “skinny jeans” (🤣BIG LOL) … Well…Now at 3 weeks postpartum I decided to try and put on my “skinny jeans” and to be honest I couldn’t even get them half way up my legs!!!😒WHATTT?? BUT I BEHAVED MYSELF!!! This isn’t fair!😢

I know most reading this blog are women that have children or women that are curious about having children. So I will try an be as honest along the way with these updates. If you are a mom yourself struggling to lose “the baby weight” or just a woman that wants to feel more comfortable in her own skin please DO NOT HESITATE to reach out. You are not alone in the way you feel and if myself or my staff here at 95 can do ANYTHING to help you start your journey please contact us!


So here are my Pre-Pregnancy Stats

152 lbs


27 in waist

Size 28 Jeans













Here are my Month 9 Stats



43 in waist














Here are my 3 weeks PP stats

… I AM NOT GETTING ON THE SCALE😥 and a full body pic isn't happening right now.

34 in waist

Size 31 jeans











I was very happy with my body pre-pregnancy, I never felt restricted by my daily diet because my main focus was always portion control. So I am starting my journey back to a body that I can feel comfortable in today. I know I will need to find a new "beautiful" as things never quite go back to the way they were before.

I am not waiting for the “new year” because frankly I want to fit back into clothes that make me feel like ME again. My little girl Melania is an absolute angel and I would do this ALL over again for her, but with that being said, I still want to feel like a HOT MOM and not one that is hiding from cameras like I felt when we took this pic on the left! 


On this first leg of my journey I am starting with a VERY SIMPLE diet and workout program



Breakfast- Protein shake

3- 95 Nutrition meals of my choice throughout the day

Protein shake or Protein bar as a night snack (if needed)



30 min of exercise 5-6 days a week


YES! That’s it! I’ll be checking back in along the way so if you are ready to jump on board with me send us a message today and let’s get through this together :)
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  • I’m a birth doula and childbirth educator. It took you 9 months to grow a baby…give your body time to heal and adjust! You made a person!! You’re amazing, and shes beautiful. Be patient with your progress. I know you got this!

    Tara Withey on

  • I think you are amazing doing this and making us all feel more comfortable with ourselves. Enjoy these beautiful motherhood moments. I have to say, I didn’t feel the least bit normal until my baby girl was 11 months and the mom guilt, even if for a 30 minute workout, never goes away. I find whatever extra activity I scan do throughout the day with Clara, now 4 makes me feel better. I’m happier with her and my husband having family time than I am cleaning or going to the gym like a use to. There will be more time for that again someday but for now mom moments are my #1 and staying active and healthy at work, on lunch or workout time for 15 min in the am and 15 min in the on and 30 min couple times a week at work is all I am getting in and I am okay with that. Time with my family memories are forever so for me it works best.

    You look gorgeous, you do what is best for you ;-). Thank you for sharing with us.

    Jill Kulczyk on

  • My youngest is 6 and I still struggle. I have lost weight and gained it back. I work out abut 4 times a week…my struggle is the food! I am with you on this journey! Motherhood is a sport all its own! :)

    Sara on

  • You look awesome. I have 4 boys. Total weight gain for 4 pregnancies- 200lbs. 2- 50 lb 2-25lb. I’m now 56 weigh 120. To me it’s food that creates the results. I too wanted to be the hot Mom, back to prepregnacy body. I still want that. Lol , I realized this is a body that has worked through 4 pregnancies, the changes, the curves that I now have are the reminders/memories of why I chose motherhood. Once you enter it, nothing is ever the same and wouldn’t change a curve.

    Annmarie on

  • Does it count if your kids are almost 30 ?🙈

    Mary GOodwill on

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