OK.... I did it. I took a picture😟

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OK.... I did it. I took a picture😟

The weeks are starting to blur into one another and it honestly feels like I have been dieting for 84 years. LOL The thing is it’s really all in my head. I am not being deprived of anything that I want OTHER than shameful snacks like salt and vinegar chips.. Eating 95 meals is NOT your typical “torturous diet” that has you wanting to jump off a building after a week because you're so carb deprived, so I guess what I am trying to say is I am just being a baby about it. It really is all in my head and I think when I put it that way it makes it easier to carry on.


This past week was much better for me motivation wise. I guess I had to pull myself out of that “funk”. Workouts went well. Melania “let me” lift 3x this past week. LOL Funny when you say it like that but let’s be real, this is her world and we are just living in it 😉. If she wants my attention I am giving it to her. The gym can wait.

My weigh in this morning was moderately underwhelming but I knew this was going to happen. I stated it in my previous blog that I KNEW my body wan’t going to keep dropping 3-4lbs at a time and we have reached that point my friends. I lost 2 lbs this week which puts m at 17 lbs total since day 1. I SOOOO BADLY wanted to see a 6 after that 1 today but I’ll take 170lbs (I don’t want to be ungrateful LOL). This upcoming week I will change that 7 to a 6. 😁

Now I know I didn’t show you all my true “before” pics because I wasn’t comfortable sharing but today Is the day I will share! RELUCTANTLY I will add... but I do think it’s important to finally share.

Here I am this morning. 


Waist 31

Jean size: 30

In summary I am 12-13 weeks postpartum (I'm not doing the math this morning lol) I have lost 17 lbs, 3 inches on my waist and went down 2 Jean sizes. I am a full time mother to a beautiful baby girl who is flourishing and growing up daily. I am an entrepreneur that has 4 full time jobs managing and running 95 Nutrition. I am also a wife who still dates her husband once a week. PHEW I guess when you say it all like that I can’t help but be proud of myself. I have been able to lose weight thus far ONLY because I use meal prep. If I was attempting to cook 3-4x DAILY I would have fallen off the wagon by week 4. It’s just so much to juggle. Take a moment and consider that as a “new mom” or even as a “veteran mom” that your happiness matters and If you don’t like what you see in the mirror then it’s time for a change. 

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  • Hi Lindsay, my comment was referencing the statement about “shameful snacks” like salt and vinegar chips. None of my comment comes from a place of hate. I am also a first time new mom 6 months pp. I know how challenging navigating being a new mom and working full time while keeping up on your health can be. I also know from experience that ppd, ppa and pp induced ocd are very real and can creep up without being recognized right away. Some of your statements in this and previous blogs came off concerning to me. I’m not saying that you are dealing with any of that, I don’t know you and only know how some of this sounds to me. Again absolutely none of this is coming from a place of hate or judgement, I truly wish you nothing but success.

    Stephanie Barber on

  • Hi Stephanie!
    I am not sure you read the blog in it’s entirety as I cannot see how you would extrapolate “food shaming” as the take home message. I even stated in the first couple sentences “I am not being deprived of anything that I want OTHER than shameful snacks like salt and vinegar chips.. Eating 95 meals is NOT your typical “torturous diet” that…”

    I am sorry if you viewed me not wanting to snack on chips as “food shaming”. Being that you are a previous customer of 95 nutrition i would HOPE that you know I would never “food shame” myself OR ANY of our clients here as our take home message is “portion control”.

    I think if you take a moment to re-read this blog you will have a more positive outlook on my journey. You haven’t been into 95 Nutrition since 2018. I want to invite you in again so you can see what a wonderful & supportive community we are as a whole!

    Look forward to your reply,

    lindsey cruz on

  • I hope you are keeping your mental health in focus during this process. The way you are speaking about yourself and assign “shame” to food so soon after giving birth is unsettling.

    Stephanie on

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