Looking for lunch or dinner delivery options near you? Your search ends here. Curating prepared meals that fit everyone's needs is something we take pride in. With our weekly rotating menu of uniquely different meals, we like to say that we have something for everyone. We put a healthy twist on all of your favorites. Pastas, pizza, burgers, comfort food and Chinese food. Doesn’t sound like your typical “diet food”, and that is what we are all about! Portion controlled meals from 95 Nutrition will have you wondering why you didn’t make the switch to a healthier lifestyle sooner. Have dietary restrictions? That’s okay! We’re able to accommodate your needs. Gluten free, dairy-free, or plant-based meals are all available through our website. We also have diabetic friendly meals and keto meals. All of our meals are lower in sodium, to ensure all customers can enjoy it. To modify meals to meet your specific needs, just select your modifications from the check boxes underneath each meal description when you order.

Lunch & Dinner

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  1. $7.49$8.99
    523 Cal. F: 18g C: 44g P: 49g
    289 Cal. F: 10g C: 23g P: 28g
  2. $7.49$8.99
    302 Cal. F: 4g C: 33g P: 33g
    399 Cal. F: 5g C: 43g P: 44g
  3. $7.49$8.99
    286 Cal. F: 8g C: 35g P: 21g
    426 Cal. F: 14g C: 40g P: 39g
  4. Rating:
    501 Cal. F: 18g C: 41g P: 43g
    385 Cal. F: 14g C: 32g P: 32g
  5. Veg
    408 Cal. F: 6g C: 40g P: 46g
    327 Cal. F: 4g C: 33g P: 36g
  6. $8.49$9.99
    309 Cal. F: 2g C: 28g P: 42g
    222 Cal. F: 2g C: 25g P: 26g
  7. $8.49$9.99
    425 Cal. F: 10g C: 37g P: 44g
    298 Cal. F: 7g C: 24g P: 33g
  8. $7.49$8.99
    575 Cal. F: 23g C: 38g P: 50g
    399 Cal. F: 17g C: 24g P: 36g
  9. $7.49$8.99
    433 Cal. F: 6g C: 39g P: 53g
    310 Cal. F: 4g C: 31g P: 35g
  10. $7.49$8.99
    398 Cal. F: 11g C: 37g P: 37g
    485 Cal. F: 13g C: 48g P: 40g
  11. Veg
    599 Cal. F: 31g C: 20g P: 60g
    313 Cal. F: 17g C: 10g P: 30g
  12. Rating:
    388 Cal. F: 12g C: 29g P: 40g
    507 Cal. F: 14g C: 43g P: 49g
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Items 1-12 of 13

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