Look what home quarantine has done to me…

Hey Friends! Missed you all last week and I’m sorry! This national crisis has been extremely draining on everyone physically and mentally and I just needed to take a week off. The picture you see to the left has been most of our lives for the past 2 weeks. Couch potatoes, depress ed, unsettled….SCARY times … Continued

Back in the 150 club! FINALLY!!!

I am back in the 150 club!! FINALLY! My pre-pregnancy weight was 155-157 and look at me back in the club! This morning I weighed in at 159 pounds…did I want more? Heck yes. Did I think I deserved more? Absolutely, but that doesn’t change the facts. I have been working much harder in the … Continued

The power of a perfect dress.

The power of a dress. For the guys out there, we don’t expect you to ever understand. Sometimes you just have to buy the damn dress and slay. End of story. This past week was my 31st Birthday and boy did my friends turn out for it. We had an absolute blast. I no longer am … Continued

Find out who won: Having FUN vs. Weight loss results

Can I be honest? I didn’t even want to check in this morning. Not only do I have nothing to report to you for progress, my life has been so chaotic and stressful that I really just wanted to skip the talk this week. Then I got to thinking…it might help to mindlessly write to … Continued

RIP HOLIDAY SEASON- I am so over you.🙄

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!! I hope you all rang in the new year with a smile on your face and hope in your heart that this year will be your best ever! My husband and I spent the new year with close friends and I would LOVE to share all the amazing pictures with you … Continued

Ho Ho … How the heck did I make it out of this past week???

Well that was a scary week for weight loss! LOL Between the family gatherings, actual holiday AND making time to catch up with friends and family by going out to dinner… ummmm yah, basically a recipe for disaster. Let’s just briefly touch on my holiday (which mind you was absolutely magical having Melania to share … Continued

5 things you must promise me!

Now that we have made it through Christmas everyone is beginning to focus on the New year! I know if you are on our website and actively reading these blogs you are interested in what 95 can do for you this upcoming year when it comes to weight loss. I have promised YOU that you … Continued

Monday Means it’s time to Check-in!

We are down to the FINAL COUNTDOWN for Christmas and I will tell you what… this past week has been BRUTAL when it comes to staying on track and I can imagine that this week will be just as bad, if not worse! I bet most thought I would skip this checkin but like I … Continued

Did I lose weight this week???

Coming off of another successful week I really feel like I have gotten myself into a groove….and WOAH… it’s already been a month since I started checking in with you all?? CRAZY.  I’ll cut right to the chase, I AM DOWN ANOTHER 3 POUNDS THIS WEEK! The only regret I have now is not taking … Continued

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