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95 Nutrition has originated the strategy of portion control as opposed to a strict, tasteless diet. We offer men and women in Cheektowaga and Depew a time-saving, convenient, and effective strategy of weight loss. Our program focuses on eating less but eating better. You aren’t left dissatisfied or tempted to cheat. Flavorful options and an ever changing menu, including items customized to meet your dietary needs, optimize nutrition and ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our meals are ready to eat and packed in easily transported containers.

Cheektowaga Meal Prep Services

Stop in at our retail location or get in touch at 716-465-1920. We’re always happy to provide personalized recommendations and are here to support your goals. Our 7-day, 6-day, or 5-day per week meal plans are convenient and proven effective.

Leave the meal prep to 95 Nutrition, and take advantage of our fitness programs!

A wide selection of tasty pre-made breakfast, lunch/dinner, soups, salads, and healthy desserts are only a click of the mouse away. You might also want to consider getting a quick start by signing up for our next 30 Day Challenge. How about a free consultation with our lifestyle coach? 95 Nutrition offers the keys to a slimmer and healthier you and delivery service across the Cheektowaga area.

Prepared Meals in Cheektowaga and Depew, NY

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