Are you starting over in 2018? Or worse, are you further behind now… here’s why!

Motivation is Nothing without action and action is wasted energy without consistency. Another year and another January 1st. Changing the 2017 calendar of the worlds cutest dogs for the cutest dogs of 2018 is motivating you for change. What happened to the promises for change in 2017? Are you starting over in 2018? Or worse, … Continued

Stop thinking, Start DOING #transformationtuesday

Another Tuesday is here friends! Are you still stuck in the same rut? Nothing has changed since the week before? Maybe you haven’t even really considered the idea of transformation. Change is a scary thing for humans. It is facing the unknown that scares us the most! You know what it feels like to be … Continued


HOW TO BUILD A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM 101 Weight loss Is not rocket science. Let #team95 help you lose the weight for life this time. Give us 30 days (4 weeks ) of your life and you will forever be changed. How serious do you want to take this? Weight loss is not an “all or … Continued

10 reasons why WNYers choose #TEAM95 over any local meal prep service

Meal prep has hit the WNY region by storm! With so many companies to chose from so how do you know which is best for YOUR NEEDS? We surveyed our customers and this is what they said! 1) The Food- 95 Nutrition hand crafts every single meal in house at our Grand Island Facility. Our … Continued

5 Ways 2 Save with 95 Nutrition!

Ready to Try 95 nutrition but need a little extra incentive?? Maybe money is a little tight but you still want to sat on track? NO WORRIES! Let me show you ways to save! #1- $5 meals all the time!!!! How? Order 25+ “female” portion meals in one week and they are all just $5. … Continued

Monday- Madness, Mayhem and MOTIVATION

Monday has got to the most dreaded day of the week. WHY?… Well we all know why…because for 90% of Americans it marks the first day of WORK. UGH. SIGH. “A new work week…back to the grind.” WHY SO NEGATIVE? Monday is a beautiful day friends. It is the start of a brand new week. … Continued

COURAGE: moving forward when you don’t have the strength to do so

Hey Instagram friends and 95 Nutrition Family. My name is Ryan and it was felt that I could help or motivate by sharing my story and the struggles I’ve been through in the last few years. This will be my first post since being asked to share my story and I really hope that I … Continued


When your kindergarten teacher asked, “Susie what would like to be when you grow up?”, I can guarantee you your answer wasn’t “I want to be Average Mrs. Jane”. Right? We wanted to be Doctors, lawyers, football players, veterinarians, Firefighters…and in Lindsey’s case… Well, I wanted to be an acrobat in the circus. FAR FROM … Continued

15 Tips For success on our program!

Want to be successful on our program? Here are some tips from the owner of 95! 1. FIRST AND FOREMOST…Be confident! YOU CAN DO THIS Just because you don’t like what you see now doesn’t mean you have to be embarrassed…So you let yourself get a little out of control…it’s nothing that can’t be fixed! … Continued

“You can’t do that” – Watch Me

Have you ever been told that you can’t do something and found that it only fueled your desire that much more? Been told no so many times, you decided to finally stand up and say yes? My life completely changed when I decided to believe in MYSELF, stand up, and live the life I knew … Continued

This is My Story – Dawn Fraser- A mother, A wife a warrior

I don’t have an exciting story. I am not a competitive body builder, powerlifter or athlete of any kind. I am just a girl, a Mom, like many of you who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. It wasn’t until after I became a Mom that I quickly realized I HAD to make myself … Continued

Why do we need to suffer to believe???

Something far to often associated with “losing weight” is SUFFERING. You MUST SUFFER in order to reach your goals! Right?… WRONG! I am writing this today because of a customer service call I personally took (and am happy I did). The woman on the phone wanted to know, How am I going to lose weight … Continued

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