How Bodybuilding Saved My Life: An Alcoholic’s Road to Redemption

I’ll start this story off with a little insight into my past.  I grew up like any other kid, did well in school, and ate all my vegetables, the usual.  After high school, I attempted to go to college for engineering for three semesters before I dropped out and joined the United States Air Force … Continued

You must crawl before you can walk…

Like everything else in life. You must start somewhere. Weight loss is no different. Why does 95 nutrition work? Think about it this way…when you start at the gym for the first time. You walk in meet your trainer and they have you immediately get into the squat rack with 500lbs. NO that is not … Continued

You Can’t Teach Heart

Written by: Paul Emmick   You can’t teach heart. This can relate to so many things to so many of us. Would you give up a sure thing to chase a dream? What are your goals? And what are you doing to achieve them? What matters most to you? Sometimes this has different answers, or … Continued

The Struggle IS REAL

I get it. The struggle is real. It is real for EVERYONE, including myself. Whether you are trying to lose 5 lbs, 10 lbs or 100 lbs; dedication to the process is KEY. Everyone is going to want “things” along the way that they shouldn’t have. You are HUMAN and you are most definitely NOT … Continued

If you are tired of starting over…then STOP giving up

By now 75% of New Years weight-loss resolutions have dissolved… By next month it will be a staggering 92% percent. In fact studies have shown that only 8% of individuals who set out to lose weight in the new year actually succeed. Have you given up already? It is nothing to be ashamed of. You … Continued

What Makes Us Different?

You may be currently searching for a meal prep service to help make life easier, lose weight or maybe you just hate cooking. Comparing and contrasting services can be over whelming so we figured we would tell you a little bit more about what makes #team95 so different! We Make our own food Every meal … Continued

Take back your Sundays!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Americans are busier than ever and finding time to meal prep can be a challenge. Most Americans save their grocery shopping and meal preparation for Sunday afternoons, as that may be the only free time they have in the entire week! Anyone who meal preps knows the time, efforts and cost that … Continued

So you need to lose weight…

Weight loss. What an intimidating word. 68% of Americans “need to lose weight”. BUT HOW? Maybe you recently went to your doctor and you were slapped with a “Obesity” label on your file. That’s a traumatizing moment, especially for women. Like “Yah I Know I am, Thanks for the reminder doc!” You now leave the … Continued

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