Ho Ho … How the heck did I make it out of this past week???

Well that was a scary week for weight loss! LOL Between the family gatherings, actual holiday AND making time to catch up with friends and family by going out to dinner… ummmm yah, basically a recipe for disaster. Let’s just briefly touch on my holiday (which mind you was absolutely magical having Melania to share … Continued

5 things you must promise me!

Now that we have made it through Christmas everyone is beginning to focus on the New year! I know if you are on our website and actively reading these blogs you are interested in what 95 can do for you this upcoming year when it comes to weight loss. I have promised YOU that you … Continued

Monday Means it’s time to Check-in!

We are down to the FINAL COUNTDOWN for Christmas and I will tell you what… this past week has been BRUTAL when it comes to staying on track and I can imagine that this week will be just as bad, if not worse! I bet most thought I would skip this checkin but like I … Continued

Did I lose weight this week???

Coming off of another successful week I really feel like I have gotten myself into a groove….and WOAH… it’s already been a month since I started checking in with you all?? CRAZY.  I’ll cut right to the chase, I AM DOWN ANOTHER 3 POUNDS THIS WEEK! The only regret I have now is not taking … Continued

4 Pounds Down! But what about Negative Nancy??

If you have been following along on my postpartum weight loss journey you would already know that I had a SERIOUS struggle for the first 2 weeks.😫If you are just tuning in you will have to go back and read the other blogs I have written thus far so that you can understand the gravity … Continued


UPDATE ON THE FIRST 2 WEEKS- I can tell you it didn’t go as planned and here is why! Well I have entered week 3 and I can tell you that it has been QUITE the adjustment the first 2 weeks. Going from pregnant and “doing what I want” food wise to locking it down … Continued

My postpartum Journey!

Hey friends! It has been a crazy year here for me. I found out I was pregnant in February 2019 and from that moment it was all a blur. Between growing the business, taking care of my customers and team members, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, nurturing a healthy marriage and the daily grind.. … Continued

Getting Back Into Routine After Vacation

Written By: Sierra Watson I know what you are thinking when you are on that flight home from vacation. Oh my goodness I don’t want it to be over, I am going to have so much to do and I bet your mind continues to wander. Before you even get off the flight your feeling … Continued

Fresh Vs. Frozen: WHY FROZEN IS SUPERIOR- Facts Revealed

I think by now you can see that the meal prep industry is booming with brands to chose from. One of the largest dividing factors when choosing a meal prep service seems to be “Fresh vs Frozen” I am here today to address the different between the two options, or maybe even open your eyes … Continued

Top 5 reasons Portion Control should be your #1 choice for weight loss!

As the weather begins to change I know that a lot of us are starting to feel the bulge from our summer fun. As you start to scour the internet for the “Magic diet solution” I want to encourage you to try something different this time around.  PORTION CONTROLLED EATING- With the help of 95 Nutrition!!Here are the … Continued

Top 10 reasons why 95 is WNY’s #1 rated meal prep service

Meal prep has hit America by storm! With so many companies to chose from so how do you know which is best? We surveyed our customers and this is what they said!  *DON’T FORGET WE ALSO HAVE OVER 500+ 5-STAR REVIEWS    1) The Food- 95 Nutrition handcrafts every single meal in house at our state of the art … Continued


Feeling in a rut? Feeling not like yourself? I think it’s time for change.  Here are 3 signs that it’s time for change in your life.  1. YOU DREAD GOING TO WORK MORE DAYS THAN YOU DON’T. Well we all know that in order to live in America, we have to work. In my opinion, work … Continued

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