Written by: Sierra Watson Habits. How long does it take to form one? 21 days? 30 days? 300 days? It doesn’t matter. Forget about all of those numbers except one. Day 1. To even form a habit we must begin.  Let me first remind you what a habit means. A regular tendency typically hard to … Continued

TOP 5 Ways 2 Save with 95 Nutrition!

Ready to Try 95 nutrition but need a little extra incentive?? Maybe money is a little tight but you still want to sat on track? NO WORRIES! Let me show you ways to save! #1- First time ordering?? SAVE $10 off your first purchase-  YES! we want you to try us. Go a head and use … Continued

Compare Yourself To You and You Only

Written by: Sierra Watson Social Media is POWERFUL. We let it completely consume us and let it affect how we see ourselves.  I’m not as fit as her, I wish I had that car or that house or that vacation. It’s ADDICTING and a vicious cycle. Social media can trigger jealousy. You start to judge … Continued

The Power of Patience

The Power of Patience In my early 20’s this was something that was a real struggle for me. Patience? Are you kidding me? Everything should have happened yesterday. Right? I know I am not alone here, but finding that internal balance in your life between wanting everything NOW and understanding that good things take time … Continued

40, 50, 60? It’s never too late

  When I was in my late 20’s and 30’s I would look at 40 something year old men and wonder what happened. I would hear all kinds of what I considered to be excuses about getting old or feeling old or life getting in the way and I would think to myself. “That’s never … Continued


Happy Monday 95 Fam! I knew I needed to get this blog up today to help those along that had a bit too much fun over this LONG holiday weekend.  Let’s start with the GOOD, BAD & UGLY NEWS. So the GOOD news is you had an incredible holiday weekend full of friends, family, food … Continued

Feeling the Wednesday Blues???

Wednesday Blue’s Did you know Wednesday is the most depressing day of the week?  That’s right. I bet most of you think it’s Monday but our mood reaches it’s lowest point on Wednesdays.  How can you change this mood?  Are you that tired already at work? You need to change your routine. YOU ARE NOT … Continued

Wisdom Wednesday: Begin Again

Have you ever been in pursuit of something? A goal, something you’ve set out on achieving in the longing to transform, become better. You start out so committed, full force, driven, focused, nothing will take you off the path to success.    Then this thing called life comes into play. You get pulled out of … Continued

3 realistic options for a Mid-Summer body Reboot!

  Hey Friends! We all know that we look forward to summer ALL YEAR long here in Buffalo NY and that’s why we can all get a BIT carried away during these few warm months. Patio lunches and dinners, family parties and BBQ’s, poolside drinks… All of these amazing events can have us packing on … Continued

Top 10 ways to master successful weight loss!

Happy Monday Friends! Everyones FAVORITE day of the week…right? (lol) I know Mondays are tuff for most, and that’s why I want to bring to you a few words of wisdom this morning! So you are trying to lose weight and today you just don’t feel motivated to stick to the program, maybe you are … Continued

Top 10 Questions answered about our 30 Day Challenge.

Hey Friends! With our June 30 day challenge just weeks away I wanted to take a quick minute to show you what sets our program apart from others and answer the top 10 questions asked about our program   So what is the 30 day Challenge? 30 days of commitment to eating through 95 Nutrition’s portion … Continued

Daily Eating Routine and Regiment

Written By: Sarah Fredette   I’ve found that one of the best ways to stay dialed into consistent, sustainable nutrition habits is to have adaptable daily eating routine to allow my body to feel fueled and nourished throughout the day. Today I’ll give you a little insider information on how my daily nutrition routine tends … Continued

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