I know many who follow 95 may still be “On the fence” about this whole meal prep service industry as a whole, and that’s why I’m brining to you the top 5 reasons meal prep MIGHT BE FOR YOU!

It’s okay to admit it. The whole process is downright awful in many American’s eyes. Not only the cooking aspect but the grocery shopping, the planning, the preparation, the clean up… Imagine a world in which NONE of that existed.
You simply place your weekly order and you are free & clear from ANY of this madness for the ENTIRE WEEK!

Family, school, work, gym, 2nd job…3rd job… The list goes on and on. Who has the TIME let alone the ENERGY to cook nowadays?? Beats me. I know that if I didn’t have 95 in my fridge when I got home I’d be ordering takeout our just starving tonight… because lord knows I am not firing up that stove at 8pm and then having to deal with a sink full of dishes. UGH!

Let’s face it. If you meal prep from home you WILL be eating the same 3 things alllll week long. Chicken, rice & broccoli. Chicken, rice & green beans. Turkey, rice and BROCCOLI!!! If you haven’t tried meal prepping on your own, you will know what I’m talking about very soon!

How do you value your time? I know I would rather spend my free time with family & friends…not slaving over a stove for 5 hours making sure I am prepared for the week. This is probably one of the biggest perks you will notice after a few weeks of using 95. FREE TIME!! You can’t put a price on that. 😊


At first paying for the weeks worth of food up front may be a shocker. The average plan here costs $120-140 per week. Now before you tell me that’s too expensive I want you to really take a hard look at your grocery bill. What are you actually spending in a week? How much of it are you throwing away?? ( I used to do this allllll the time. My “good intentions” of making a steak dinner would turn into a $50 trash bag by Thursday) It adds up!
Are you eating out every day? Add up all of those stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner and see just how much you are incrementally spending over the course of the week. IT ADDS UP, but it doesn’t seem like it because it’s a small $7-$12 purchase at a time.


If I have you convinced to give this whole “meal prep life” a try, then what are you waiting for!? Place your order today! We have no commitments. So try us for just ONE WEEK! You are going to LOVE us 😊👋🏼

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  1. hi we are very interested in your meal prep service. My wife is a type 2 diabetic and we were wondering if you can prepare meals for diabetics. She has to have for her meals 45-60 grams of carbs for all 3 meals. We were wondering if someone could get back to us regarding these questions please. Our phone number is 716-998-0730 would were wondering if someone could call us back. Thanking you in advance.

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