During my postpartum weight loss journey I used protein powder in conjunction with my 95 Nutrition meals. The addition of protein powder to my weight loss regimen helped me in these 3 ways…

  1. A safe late night snack: While dieting you are at a calorie deficit. This is of course how you lose weight! But being at a calorie deficit means that you are going to feel hungry at times. I could ignore my growling tummy during the day but if I became hungry right before bed it was just BRUTAL. Who can fall asleep with a growling stomach? NOT ME! Having my Rule 1 protein 1/2 hour before bed was the perfect solution. Not only was my hunger curbed, I wasn’t undoing all my dieting for the day.
  2. A quick snack on the go: With as busy as we are in America we often find ourselves away from home and all of a sudden you are starving. UGH. Now what? Gas station snack? Fast food? Try and make it till you get home? My Rule 1 protein never let me down in this situation. Remember you can have 2 shakes a day whenever you want so mid afternoon is when I would have my first. The quick “on the go” shake allowed me to get through the rest of my errands and then I was able to stick to my 95 meal when I got home. Lifesaver!
  3. Adding more protein to your diet: Protein powder is a quick and easy way to add more protein to your diet without adding more sugar or carbs. A diet high in protein will keep you fuller longer which in turn helps you lose weight faster!

Weight loss doesn’t work unless you do. Remember, as I always say, there is no “quick fix” to weight loss. There is not a magic pill or powder to make you thin overnight BUT if you follow our meal program and use these supplements I have recommend in conjunction YOU WILL SUCCEED! Stop in this week to any of our 8 locations and purchase this product this week!

4 responses to “Lindsey’s Top 3 Uses for Protein Powder

  1. you guys do meal programs for individuals? like for example I weight 165 and want to lose 35 pounds how many calories a day with 2 shake and meals??

  2. This is what I am missing…I have started you meals over 2 months ago and I am down 20 + lbs. The meals are great but I feel I am missing something at night time. I am curious if you have any recipes or directions or does 95 nutrition have shakes that are ready to make?

    1. Congrats Nicole!!! You are doing great! This will absolutely help you in the evenings. We do have pre-made protein shakes at 7 of our locations. When you purchase your protein powder send us a DM or email and we can help you with recipes.

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