Women's Meal Plan

How To Lose Weight using 95 Nutrition

So you want to lose weight? You have come to the right place. We won't get into our philosophy in this section. (you can find that on our blog and Facebook videos)!


What you need to order to lose weight...

Our most successful weightless clients order food for 7 days a week. That leaves no room for failure. If you order 7 days a week you are set to lose 2-3lbs a week without exercise. YES! ANY combination of our meals will do the job. So here is the breakdown: 

7 Days a Week

28 meals total ($140 a week)

  • 7-breakfast items
  • 21- lunch/dinner items

6 Days a week

24 meals total ($144 a week <---- incentive to do 7 days a week ;)

  • 6-breakfast items
  • 18-lunch/dinner items

5 Days a week

20 meals total ($120 a week)

  • 5-breakfasts
  • 15- lunch/dinner items

Please give us a call at (716) 465-1920 or stop into our store if you have any questions about how to order your meals for the week.