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Your vital Organs are essential to keep your body functioning properly. It is important to make sure your vital organs have the support they need to protect them and support them. 5% Nutrition has designed the perfect product to help your body function at 100 percent. Listed are going to be the key ingredients that they have dosed this product with to keep you running smoothly.


Liver Support:

-Milk Thistle is essential for protecting your liver against any damaging/foreign substances. This ingredient also helps detox the liver of any harmful substances.

-Acetyl Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant that will not only protect the liver against foreign substances but also teach the liver cells to constantly fight against those same foreign substances.  


Heart Support:

-Hawthorn Berry Widens the blood vessels in your body for better blood flow to your organs and less stress on your heart pressure keeping your blood pressure down at a normal rate.

-Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps regulate insulin levels so your blood pressure does not rise.

-Coq10 is known for helping stimulate the brain but it also great for using your food and turning into energy within your cells which in return will help fuel your body keeping your systolic blood pressure lower.


Kidney Support:

-Cordycep Sinensis keeps protein synthesis going in your kidneys making sure all renal functions are going smoothly and kidney failure does not occur.


Prostate Support:

Saw Palmetto is important because hen it comes to your prostate especially as a male as you age you want to make sure everything is intact. Saw Palmetto prevents the inner layer of your prostate from growing which in return will have less pressure on your urine tubes. It also reduces the chance of testosterone from turning into DHT which causes hair loss in male so this will prolong/prevent this from occurring.


For additional support/joint support stack with 5% Nutrition Joint Defender!

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