Ready to Try 95 nutrition but need a little extra incentive??
Maybe money is a little tight but you still want to sat on track? NO WORRIES!

Let me show you ways to save!

#1- First time ordering?? SAVE $10 off your first purchase- 
YES! we want you to try us. Go a head and use it! When you spend a minimum of $75 you can save $10! Promo code “WELCOME10”

#2- FIT COUPLES DISCOUNT- $20 off every week! We reward couples that live healthy together. Any time you purchase a minimum of 10+ MENS portion and 10+ Women’s portion you can use the code “fitcouples” to save $20 every week!

#3– Law enforcement? Military? Fire/rescue? Thank you for your service and …YES! you all save every week here at 95 nutrition. Message us for your 10% off promo code. 

#4- Not new to 95 but still want a deal?! SPIN THE PRIZE WHEEL- right on our website homepage! Spin the wheel and cash in on a special deal.
#5- $5 meals all the time!!!! How? Pre-Order 25+ “Female” portion meals this week and they are all just $5.

FUN FACT: Did you know that our “female” portion is comparable to other local services standard portion?? So if you are a male already eating “standard portions” feel free to select “female portions”

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