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  • Mon: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
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95 Nutrition West Seneca is located directly next to Planet Fitness in the Seneca Ridge plaza at 3525 Seneca Street. Explore our wide variety of supplements and healthy prepared meals that make living a healthy lifestyle convenient.

Looking for a go-to place for your protein shakes? Look no further! We make homemade protein shakes daily in the store.

West Seneca meal delivery services
West Seneca meal prep services
West Seneca healthy food
West Seneca meal prep delivery services

95 Nutrition makes it affordable and convenient to incorporate better habits into your daily life. Choose from pre-made breakfast, lunch/dinner, soups, salads, and healthy desserts in easy to transport containers. Take advantage of delivery service, gift cards, express order/check out, and our 30 Day Challenge for effective and rapid achievement.

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