By now you’ve seen a Buddha Bowl on some restaurant’s menu. This bowl trend is popping up all over social media as well… but some may still be wondering, “What is a Buddha Bowl?! ”

Take 2 minutes and let me explain: It’s a grain based bowl that combines various vegetable and protein sources into one single, delicious dish. The traditional Buddha Bowl was named due to its balanced nature of combining various grains, vegetables, and protein sources. Our Chef’s here at 95 are always on the lookout for new food trends for our customers, so when we saw this dish we got busy curating our version for you!

This dish makes for a light and refreshing option that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Typically Buddha Bowls are a vegetarian dish, but to accommodate all diet groups we are serving it with chicken and we have the option to order it with one of our premium plant-based proteins.

95’s Buddha Bowl starts with riced cauliflower (to keep it lower carb) and fresh kale (to get your leafy greens in). We then mix in purple sweet potatoes, beets, edamame, and carrots. To finish this dish off we add marinated heirloom tomatoes, green onion and your choice of protein! Sticking to the simplistic roots of a traditional Buddha Bowl we are topping this dish off with our light lemon vinaigrette dressing (that is also vegan).

Add it to your order this week here: Buddha Bowl w/ Chicken or stock up on yours in store at any of our 8 locations.

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