Finding your WHY is actually harder than one may think. I’m going to put a little perspective to this topic for you to help you channel a solid answer, with meaning and direction behind it. Having solid points listed underneath the main WHY makes the world of a difference.

When I ask most “What is your WHY, WHY are you trying to lose weight” I get very great answers, but they are very broad.

Here are some examples that you may be able to relate to:
1. “I want to lose weight because I don’t feel good.”
2. “I want to lose weight for my sons wedding.”
3. “I want to lose weight because I am pre-diabetic and my doctor said I have to.”
4. “I want to lose weight for my kids.”

Let’s take a moment to dig a bit deeper… Write yourself a little letter!

“Im want to lose weight for my sons wedding”
I need to do this for myself. My son’s wedding is such an important milestone in our family’s life and I want to put my best foot forward from here on out. I am dreading trying on dresses because I have grown to hate the person I see in the mirror. Losing weight will make me feel so much more confident in the photos that will be taken and make me feel PROUD of myself. I will lose 20 lbs in the next 6 months for myself. I deserve to feel good. This is it!!

“I want to lose weight for my kids”
First off I need to this for MYSELF. I want to be better. I NEED to be better. I feel like I am letting my kids down. I don’t want them to develop the eating habits that I have carried with me through out my life. I was trying to play with my daughter on the floor the other day and I could barely catch my breath. Losing weight will not only help my self confidence it will help me teach my children to have a healthy relationship with food. I can do this.

Hope these examples can inspire you to take a moment today to write yourself a little letter. Start with your broad statement of WHY you want to lose weight and work from there. Keep this little letter close by. On your desk, in the mirror in the bathroom, In your wallet…Refer to it daily. YOU CAN DO THIS. I believe in you, it’s time to believe in yourself.

If you need help channeling you WHY contact us! We are here to listen, We are here to help. 

Till next week!



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