More often than not we place the value of success in our journey of weight loss in a number. The weight we want to reach on the scale, the number of pounds we want to lose to feel we are where we’re supposed to be. Have a specific intention of what you want to have happen, and be all for it, but don’t let it be the end all be all, and even more so don’t allow it to be the only thing you attribute the value of success to in your journey.

Sharing from my personal experience I am an athlete and compete in a sport that has weight classes.  You compete in a weight class best suited for success in competition. There’s different approaches, different factors in the decision, but when it came down to it I had consistently opted for a weight class that required me to cut weight.

Each time before competition and in preparation for making weight, stepping on the scale and not seeing the number where it needed to be was a blow to mental state of mind, my self-worth, my value. I gave a whole lot of power to a number on a scale. I allowed the number to take away from the other positive aspects of what was present.  I put my body through rigorous rituals to make weight. It stole some of the joy from my journey in competition and my love for the sport and what I do.

But here’s what I learned from this experience and what I want you to know and keep in mind on your journey:

The value of success, of who you are, is not solely measured by a number on a scale or the number of pounds you’ve lost.

The number on the scale is not the most accurate representation of the changes in your body. Decrease in body fat percentage, increase in muscle mass, aesthetic shifts. Those will not be something a scale can portray to you, but it is something that can change the number present on such scale due to positive factors. Remember the numbers don’t show all your hard work and what you have achieved

Don’t allow not seeing the numbers or results you were looking for take you off the path of your journey (and if it does, just begin again)

Most importantly, know that being successful is about fulfilling some expectation of a number or image of what success should look like, but rather the confidence, self-love, and self-worth,  you obtain from doing to the work to become the best version of yourself

I ultimately made the decision to move up a weight class for competition. It was a decision I came to based on the fact that with a constant increase in the amount of muscle I was gaining from training that I could no longer continue to make a cut without comprising my health, my happiness, and the joy in my journey of competition.  It took acknowledging that I was confident enough in my body aesthetically to not be attached to it needing to sit a specific weight. It took dropping the need for a number on the scale to be the value of my success.

I hope that in this journey, you remember that success based on not just what you lose, but the things you gain along the way. You’re more than a number.

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