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Meal Prep Service In Victor NY

95 Nutrition Victor services the Rochester, NY region with healthy prepared meals. We offer portion-controlled, fully-cooked meals that are ready for you to enjoy in just 2 minutes. Our meals will satisfy anyone in your home including kids, adults, and senior citizens.


Located at 400 Commerce Drive in the Victor Crossing plaza, this is our very first location in the greater Rochester area. Our business will soon be expanding to include locations in Henrietta, Greece, and Downtown.

A Healthy Garbage Plate?

Try 95 Nutrition’s Garbage Plate. Yes, Rochester created it but we perfected it (and made it healthy). Mac N’ Cheese, Lean Ground Turkey tossed in our homemade sloppy joe Sauce layered with Broccoli Florets, Cheddar Cheese, Ranch Sauce, and crumbled Cool Ranch Doritos. Doesn’t sound healthy you say? It’s all about controlling the portion and choosing ingredients low in fat and sodium. Weight loss is not complicated. Let us help!

Taking a meal out of the Fridge at the Rochester/Victor location
Rochester/Victor 95 Nutrition Store
95's Healthy Garbage Plate - Meal Prep Service, Rochester, NY
95 Nutrition Store employees - Meal prep service Rochester, NY

95 Nutrition makes it affordable and convenient to incorporate better habits into your daily life. Choose from pre-made breakfast, lunch/dinner, soups, salads, and healthy desserts in easy-to-transport containers. Take advantage of delivery service, gift cards, express order/check out, and our 30-Day Challenge for effective and rapid achievement.

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