This Week's Full Menu

  1. Veg
    320 Cal. F: 5g C: 37g P: 32g
    242 Cal. F: 4g C: 24g P: 30g
  2. Veg
  3. 428 Cal. F: 13g C: 39g P: 39g
    332 Cal. F: 10g C: 31g P: 29g
  4. 290 Cal. F: 10g C: 31g P: 20g
    341 Cal. F: 14g C: 31g P: 24g
  1. 467 Cal. F: 16g C: 41g P: 40g
    376 Cal. F: 13g C: 33g P: 32g
  2. 95's Gyro Bowl
    442 Cal. F: 11g C: 40g P: 43g
    322 Cal. F: 8g C: 26g P: 33g
  3. 381 Cal. F: 7g C: 38g P: 43g
    296 Cal. F: 6g C: 29g P: 34g
  4. Veg
    408 Cal. F: 6g C: 40g P: 46g
    327 Cal. F: 4g C: 33g P: 36g
  5. Veg
    425 Cal. F: 10g C: 37g P: 44g
    298 Cal. F: 7g C: 24g P: 33g
  6. Veg
    433 Cal. F: 6g C: 39g P: 53g
    310 Cal. F: 4g C: 31g P: 35g
  7. 378 Cal. F: 12g C: 35g P: 32g
    476 Cal. F: 15g C: 43g P: 41g
  8. Veg
    369 Cal. F: 11g C: 32g P: 35g
    448 Cal. F: 12g C: 43g P: 42g
  9. Rasta Pasta
    403 Cal. F: 14g C: 34g P: 33g
    515 Cal. F: 19g C: 41g P: 42g
  10. Veg
    Pizza Wrap
    599 Cal. F: 31g C: 20g P: 60g
    313 Cal. F: 17g C: 10g P: 30g
  11. Rating:
    388 Cal. F: 12g C: 29g P: 40g
    507 Cal. F: 14g C: 43g P: 49g
  12. 553 Cal. F: 19g C: 51g P: 43g
    434 Cal. F: 15g C: 34g P: 38g
  13. Coconut Shrimp
    280 Cal. F: 3g C: 32g P: 31g
    401 Cal. F: 5g C: 44g P: 45g
  14. 395 Cal. F: 22g C: 8g P: 40g
    525 Cal. F: 28g C: 9g P: 58g

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Healthy Meal Prep Services In Buffalo & Rochester NY

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle most people immediately jump to thinking about exercise. Even the most dedicated gym goers only spend 5% of their day in the gym. The other 95%, which is eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, is often overlooked. That’s where 95 Nutrition comes in! Let us take care of the toughest 95% of your day. Whether you’re focused on weight loss or just looking to use our service for the convenience factor we are here to fit your needs. We have a little something for everyone!