Now that we have made it through Christmas everyone is beginning to focus on the New year! I know if you are on our website and actively reading these blogs you are interested in what 95 can do for you this upcoming year when it comes to weight loss. I have promised YOU that you can lose weight on our program now I need you to promise ME a few things!

Here are 5 things you must promise me you will bring with you into 2020.

  1. Positive attitude

    90% of our weight loss clients have tried to lose weight at one time or another on a different program. It is easy to walk through our doors already with a defeated mindset. “This isn’t going to work” “I’ll be fat forever”. Your best chances of success lie here at your local 95 but you will not even be able to get started without the proper mindset. YOU CAN, YOU WILL… and we will be here to help!
  2. Open mind

    I get a lot of customers who come to 95 as a “last ditch effort”. Meaning they have already tried every fad diet on the market, juicing, cookie diet, low carb, no carb, fasting…. I mean I could go on FOREVER. So why does good ol’ portion control get selected LAST?! It blows my mind. What I have gathered from customers who are just getting started is that they are VERY SKEPTICAL that this whole “portion control” thing will work as there is NO SUFFERING involved (LOL). “It can’t be that easy” “What do you mean I don’t have to go to the gym”. YES, it can seem almost impossible that something so simplistic can work for weight loss but our results don’t lie!!! Take a look at some of the amazing reviews our customers have left us on FB. Begin this journey open minded to the fact that this doesn’t have to be complex or involve suffering to be effective!!

    If anyone has read the first blog I did for my personal weight loss journey you will know that you MUST be honest with the process. If you do not follow the program as written you WILL NOT get the results. END OF STORY. I myself was not honest with the program the first 2 weeks, and you want to know what?? I didn’t lose any weight. BUT the minute I started being honest with the program, I was rewarded with 4 pounds of weight loss the very next week!!
  4. Perseverance

    RESULTS DO NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. When I set out on my postpartum journey I honestly thought I would be back to “me” in 3 months…. LOL for real Lindsey?? 35 lbs in 3 months? Absolutely not. I am 2 months postpartum and I am down a total of 9 lbs. I needed a reality check that achieving your END GOAL is not going to happen overnight and that perseverance is KEY to any long term weight loss journey. Weight loss journeys are NOT perfect, just know that you will arrive at your goal weight if you keep pushing. If you give up and start back up  your old habits you absolutely will fail. I can guarantee you that one.
  5. Commitment

    Not just physically to the program but mentally! Your head has to be in the game so when Betty is brining in leftover birthday cake into the office you can simply walk away. You don’t want that cake more than you want to lose weight…and if you are thinking “Yes I do Lindsey!” Then guess what?? Your head is not in the game. 95’s program is EASY to commit to because we do not take anything away from you. You are still eating pastas, burgers & fun tasty foods…we just ask you to eat a little less! Commitment to this program is your key to success. Now this doesn’t mean being perfect 100% of the time. This means being committed 98% of the time and forgiving yourself for a “slip up” and getting right back on it! Food cravings ARE REAL, the struggle IS REAL and you are not perfect. Keep your head in the game and do your best every damn day. You WILL NOT regret sticking to it…in fact my customers often say “If I knew how easy this would be, I would have started way sooner.”

If you can promise me that you can follow these 5 very important rules, then I can promise you that you WILL lose this weight and keep it off for good with the help of #TEAM95.

Need a little extra motivation? You still have time to sign up for our January 30 day weight loss challenge. You will start your journey with a group of individuals all pushing to lose weight together! The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 CASH PRIZE (which isn’t too shabby!)

As always if you have any questions we are here to help!

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