As an entrepreneur, I know that stress and anxiety can be major roadblocks to success. However, I refuse to let them hold me back. Instead, I have learned to manage these challenges daily, and it has been a game-changer for my performance.

Through my journey, I have discovered some powerful tactics that have helped me overcome stress and anxiety. Running and lifting are two of my favorite ways to clear my head and focus on solutions to the problems causing my anxiety. I feel empowered and energized after each workout, and my productivity and creativity soar. My mornings begin with a list of everything I have to accomplish that day and the stress and anxiety begin right away. My morning runs have become a time where I go over that to do list and game plan the solutions to problems. By the time I am finished I feel much more in control of what the day will look like. 

Furthermore, I have come to appreciate the importance of prioritizing sleep. A good night's rest is essential for anybody to perform at their best. Unfortunately, this is something that also takes effort for me. When I don’t make sleep a priority I notice an increase in stress and anxiety as well as a decrease in my recovery from my workouts. Sleep is incredibly important and when I make sure to get it. I wake up ready to tackle the day, feeling refreshed, and full of energy.

I also practice mindfulness and deep breathing regularly. This helps me stay grounded in the present moment, no matter what obstacles I am facing. Stress and anxiety tend to be rooted in future concerns so taking a few deep breaths and reminding myself of the progress I have made so far and that all I have is the moment right in front of me gives me the strength to keep moving forward.

Above all, I have learned to tackle problems head-on instead of procrastinating. Far too often I put myself in a state that amplifies the problem I am facing. It can seem overwhelming and make procrastination very tempting. What I’ve found is by resisting the urge to procrastinate that far more often than not, the problem that was causing these issues was much smaller than I had made it out to be. This helps me keep stress and anxiety at bay and empowers me to take on even greater challenges.

Managing stress and anxiety daily is pivotal for anyone trying to be at their best. It is not always easy, but it is possible. By incorporating these tactics into my routine, I have found that I am more productive, creative, and successful. Remember, your mind is capable of controlling what you feel and you can conquer anything you set your mind to.