Well that was a scary week for weight loss! LOL Between the family gatherings, actual holiday AND making time to catch up with friends and family by going out to dinner… ummmm yah, basically a recipe for disaster. Let’s just briefly touch on my holiday (which mind you was absolutely magical having Melania to share it with)

I thought I was going to stick to my 95 meals for ALL of Christmas Eve AND Christmas morning and all the way up to dinner where I would have what everyone else was having…. Oh and I planned on working out both x-mas eve and on Christmas Day. LOL joke is on me my friends. Queue the red wine, prime rib, baked potatoes, Christmas cookies… need I say more? Let’s just say my whole “diet life” unraveled at approximately Christmas Eve dinner when we went to my family’s house for dinner. I’ll spare you most details and just let you know that this theme continued all the way till 9pm on Christmas evening. Food, wine, desserts… you call it out, I was eating it! Oh… and that “Christmas cardio” well I’m sure you can all guess… didn’t happen.

Let’s note something positive… I was right back on track the day after Christmas AND I gave all the leftover food and snacks to family members so that I wouldn’t have any temptations left in the house. These 2 decisions are probably what saved me the most this past week.

So it would seem that the scale and I wouldn’t be getting along this morning but the truth is… I am still down 2 pounds. Yah your mind is blown???????So is mine! But reflecting on it I can see how I still made it out of the week with more than just my head above water. I DIDN’T GO OFF THE DEEP END ALL WEEK. This was KEY to my success. Now although I did do my fair share of “whatever the hell I wanted” on Christmas Eve and day… I still was able to behave myself for the rest of the week! I also had a dinner last night with a friend where I practiced the tips I wrote for you all in a prior blog about “going out to eat on a diet”. So the moral of this Christmas story is friends… you absolutely CAN lose weight. If I managed to do it through this week you can make it happen January 1st.

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