These days, all we seem to hear about in the news is inflation. It's like a never-ending story – the prices of everything, from electricity bills to rent, keep going up, and our wages just can't seem to catch up. It's getting to the point where even everyday essentials like groceries are becoming downright unaffordable.

According to the Economic Research Service, they're predicting that in 2024, food prices are set to rise once again, with an estimated increase of up to 7.3%. With these soaring costs, trying to stick to a budget is becoming more challenging than ever.

If you have been on the hunt for a practical way to put nutritious meals on the table without emptying your wallet, that's where we come in!

95 Nutrition is a delicious and innovative meal prep service that delivers chef-designed, time-saving meals right to your doorstep – a lifesaver for those hectic days when cooking seems impossible. We offer a selection of 25+ mouthwatering, nutrient-packed meals, each with over 25 grams of protein. Every week, you get to choose your dishes from a delectable lineup of recipes. Picture this: Slow cooked smoked apple wood chicken with a side of sweet potato mashed potatoes and bacon brussel sprouts or maybe you'rein the moodfor pizza? We have you covered there too with our nutritious and delicious pizza wrap! (made on a cauliflower crust so it's not too heavy on carbs)

What's truly fantastic is that all 95 Nutrition meals are fully cooked! You pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes, let them rest for 1 minute, and boom – you've got yourself a well-balanced, memorable meal. Oh, and did we mention that each meal is perfectly portioned so that you can also reach your weight loss goals? The best part – it won't break the bank, with meals as low as $5.99 per serving. That's a budget-friendly win right there.

But what really sets 95 Nutrition apart is its flexibility. You can select the number of meals that match your week, and if you need to skip a week you just don't order.

Comparing to grocery shopping:
Of course, the grocery store is a treasure trove of foodie delights. But sometimes, it can feel overwhelming. There are endless options, ingredients, and cuisines to explore, but they all come with the added burdens of prepping, cooking, and cleaning up, which can be a real time and energy drain.

Buying ingredients at the grocery store also means ending up with way more condiments than you'd ever use for one meal. Purchasing an entire jar of spice for just one recipe or grabbing a whole head of lettuce for a simple salad can lead to a shocking amount of food waste – sometimes, you end up tossing more than you use.

Not to mention, it's getting more and more expensive to fill up your gas tank just to make those trips to and from the store…

Final Thoughts:
When it comes down to it, 95 Nutrition is the way to go if you're looking for a convenient and affordable means to maintain a balanced diet while sticking to a strict budget. Our meals are not only delicious but also ready to devour in just 3 minutes – a significant time-saver compared to shopping for ingredients at the grocery store and cooking from scratch.