The idea of meal replacement has become extremely popular in recent years. It developed from the menu of athletes and bodybuilders who use special sports nutrition and food supplements during their training periods to get higher rates of protein and build muscle mass rapidly.

Although the main idea of these meal replacements was to help athletes get the necessary protein and calories without eating huge portions of casual meals, they also became a godsend to people who want to lose weight.

Among these products, meal replacement protein shakes are real bestsellers. They are highly appreciated due to the ease of consumption and their high accessibility during the business day. What can be easier than to put a portion of powder into a glass, mix it with water or juice and drink it? Nothing, we can say. Yet, let’s get a closer look at meal replacement shakes and decide how to take them safely and effectively when you want to lose weight.

What Are Shakes for Meal Replacement: Getting in Detail About That Type of Meals

As usual, meal replacement shakes are ready-made substances with a balanced combination of protein, fats, and carbs. Some of them are provided in ready-to-drink form in bottles, and everything you need to do is to shake them a bit, open the top and drink. Others, which are typically standard for the fitness industry, are provided in the form of powder which needs to be mixed with a certain amount of liquid per portion. Then you shake it again and drink it.

A typical recipe for a meal substitute shake includes:

  • A source of protein. It is the basis for the fulfillment of the body’s need for calories and thus, energy.
  • Fiber. As shakes are not a full-fledged substitute for a regular meal for our digestion, fiber helps us to feel full and fills the stomach. Besides, fiber is a helper in maintaining good digestion and avoiding bloating.
  • Vitamins and microelements are also present in the formula of meal replacement shakes.

Additionally, these shakes contain some carbs and fats, but not in big amounts. Thus, the result of consumption of a portion of a meal replacement shake is that you reduce the feeling of hunger, and you do not overeat.

The Secrets of Weight Loss: How Shakes Boost Weight Loss in the Body

Why do meal replacement shakes work well when you need to lose weight? Let’s highlight the main benefits and bright sides of that type of meal.

Meal substitute shakes provide you with a feeling of fullness. The same feeling may be gained after you eat a full-fledged lunch with a course of meals. Yet, a portion of a meal replacement shake consists of 400 calories on average, while your lunch may provide you with twice a bigger amount of calories.

The basis of such a shake is protein. It is a building substance for muscles, and it doesn’t remain in the body in the form of fat deposits. Even in the most thought-out diet, you cannot typically consume such a huge amount of protein when eating food. Meal replacement shakes allow you to get it easily.

Meal replacement shakes are the quickest way to get your portion. You can drink them even on the go, and it takes less time to consume them than any other meal. Shake it and drink it. That’s all.

At the same time, losing weight with the help of meal replacement shakes is only a temporary solution. They work great at the stage when you need to get rid of extra water in your body and push the processes of fat burning. Yet, making them a regular substitute for your meals or even consuming only them is the wrong way.

Why so, you may ask?

  • Meal replacement shakes are not as rich in nutrients as casual food. They provide you with a minimal amount of vitamins and microelements, but even the most innovative formulas of these shakes cannot contain all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.
  • Shakes are liquid, that’s what makes them not a good regular meal. Our body needs to chew food and swallow it regularly, as these processes are indispensable parts of digestion. You do not chew and swallow shakes the way your body needs, so with time, if you overdo them, problems with digestion and your teeth health may occur.

Meal replacement shakes for weight loss

Yet, we can say that meal replacement shakes are great to include on your menu at the stage of weight loss in the following situations:

  • When you start your fight with extra weight. In the first months of weight loss, you need to boost your metabolism and get used to the new diet. Meal replacement shakes can help you with it.
  • When you are recovering after bariatric surgery. It is one of the recommendations for people who require that type of surgery to overcome obesity. Meal replacement shakes help to avoid stomach distention and provide necessary protein.
  • When you are performing intense workouts, you need to get extra protein without overeating. That’s how athletes use these food supplements.
  • When you have no opportunity to maintain healthy eating during your day. Instead of eating snacks or street food, you can take a shake and substitute your meal with it.

As nutritionists recommend, it is better to take meal replacement shakes once a day, no more. You can replace them with your breakfast or dinner so as not to overeat in the late evening. Yet, it is better to get at least two portions of casual food per day to maintain the balance of nutrients and support healthy digestion.

Selecting the Best Shakes for Your Alternative Consumption

How to decide on the meal replacement shake to take? There are a couple of ideas about that.

  • Inspect the formula of each shake you intend to buy. Ensure there is not too much sugar or colorants in them.
  • Do not forget that there are protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. They differ a bit. Protein shakes are designed for athletes who gain muscle weight while meal replacement shakes are developed for dietary goals.
  • Tastes also matter! Your food should please you, even if it is a meal replacement food! Thus, you can take your favorite tastes to consume meal replacement shakes with pleasure.

How to Consume Meal Replacement Shakes to Lose Weight

Here are some tips on how to integrate this dietary product into your daily menu with maximal efficiency for weight loss.

  • Use only a portion of meal replacement shake per meal. Typically, a portion of a shake consists of a balanced amount of calories and nutrients. Even if you enjoy the taste, when consuming more, you simply overeat and make a real calorie bombshell boosting your body. That’s not a deal for weight loss.
  • Do not combine meal replacement shakes with other meals. It is not water to drink with your salad. It is a full-fledged meal itself.
  • Better use meal substitute shakes before training. It is a good source of protein and it is consumed easily by the body. Thus, after you take it as a pre-workout meal, you won’t feel heavy or overeat.

And it is quite logical to consult your nutritionist in advance. Each body is unique, and when you fight extra weight, you need to understand the roots of its gain. Sometimes, health conditions and anamnesis can be the background to refuse taking meal replacement shakes because the harm from their consumption can overweight their use in weight loss. Yet, if you have no contraindications, your doctor may help you choose the correct dosage and schedule of intake to increase the efficiency of your weight loss activities.

Is There an Alternative to Regular Cooking Shakes? (Be Sure, We Have It for You!)

Of course, you do not need to reinvent the wheel and spend all your free time in the kitchen mixing the ingredients to get your meal replacement shake. Moreover, there is no need even to lurk through numerous HLS stores or websites where protein shakes are sold. You simply can enter our site and select the best formulas and tastes to replace your meals with great protein shakes made according to the highest standards of quality and the most innovative nutrition formulas.

Just remember that losing weight with the help of a meal replacement diet, namely, consuming meal replacement shakes, should be mindful, and it is better to consult your family doctor and your nutritionist to consume them safely.

Meal replacement shakes have multiple benefits. They are easy to consume, they are quite nutritious, and you do not even have to chew them to tame your hunger. Yet, they shouldn’t substitute your meals 100%. Just get them as a healthy additive to your menu and take them in place of one of your regular meals. When you accurately calculate calories consumed with meal replacement shakes, and you do not overeat during other meals, consider that success is already in your hands.