Self care is something that I have definitely lost along the way after becoming a mother of 2. My whole day revolves around work & my children leaving very little time for myself. I have found that even “little things” that I can do for myself make me feel more routine and more in control of my life & postpartum weight loss journey. Here are 5 of my favorite products that you can get your loved one for Mother's Day that will make her feel GREAT

1. Allmax Cyto Greens- Get your daily dose of greens in just one scoop!Denis Gaivoronskiy Helps aid in digestion and also helps the body recycle energy more efficiently (what mom doesn’t need that!!)

Pro tip: Also purchase Allmax’s aminos to pair with this. Makes the flavor even better and will help Mom with her muscle hydration.


2. Alani Nu Protein Powder- Great for those moments when you are STARVING and just can’t find time to eat. With just water, ice and a scoop of protein you’ll go from HANGRY to happy in seconds. 

3. Rule 1 Collagen- My postpartum hair is less than beautiful, if you can relate this product is for you. Powdered collagen helps boost the strength of your hair, skin and nails with continued use. This product is easily mixable and unflavored so you can incorporate it into any of your favorite beverages (including coffee).

4. Alani Nu Fat Burners- Snacking and feeling hungry keeps me from reaching my goals. This fat burner will help curb your appetite while giving you an extra boost of energy during the day. Enough said.

5. Rule 1 Lean 5- Lean 5 is an all natural appetite suppressant that tastes GREAT. Mix it up with water and ice up to 3x a day to help curb those cravings for sweets or snacks. It comes in 4 great flavors!

Hope this list helps you pick the perfect gift for Mom this year. If you aren’t sure what would work best for her, grab a gift card to your local 95 Nutrition. She can get prepared meals or any of the 5 products I just talked about. 

This Mother's Day I encourage you to get Mom something she really wants, SELF CARE.