When your kindergarten teacher asked, “Susie what would like to be when you grow up?”, I can guarantee you your answer wasn’t “I want to be Average Mrs. Jane”. Right?

We wanted to be Doctors, lawyers, football players, veterinarians, Firefighters...and in Lindsey’s case... Well, I wanted to be an acrobat in the circus. FAR FROM AVERAGE (I guess you could say LOL). The point I am trying to get at is, where did you make that decision in your life to let your dreams go from epic to average?

As we start to get into our later 20’s we fall into the “groove”. Maybe some like to call it the “American dream”. What about all the little moments in between these milestone events??

For most Americans it is filled with coasting. Just getting by in their life with the bare minimal efforts. NO NO NO! That is not what you were put here on this earth to do. Each person has the ability to impact the people around them in a unique and positive way. Now it’s your job to find out what talents and skills you have to offer.

Take a look at where your life is now and what you have accomplished. Do you feel fulfilled? Are you happy? Is your life epic...or is it average in your eyes. I mean that last part, “IN YOUR EYES” (Who care what others think of your life...It’s yours to live).
These are important questions to ask yourself. As you begin to enter your later years in life you will only regret the things that you didn’t do. So for what it’s worth it’s time to make your life epic. It’s time to get off the couch and be more than average.

Life presents us with so many opportunities to stand out in a crowd. Start small and grow larger from that point on. Make that kindergarten version of yourself think “woah! Is that a super hero!?” :)

Maybe there is a leader deep down inside of yourself but you are afraid to go for that promotion. Maybe you see someone at the gym every day struggling mentally and you want to give them encouragement, but you don’t. Maybe you know that your child needs little “extra attention” from you but you’re too busy with work to tend to them. STOP the excuses and start living the life you were sent here to live.

You all have the ability to build an epic life. Giving back to my community is one of the greatest pleasures I have experienced.. and it’s something everyone can do! Giving back is SO EASY and so rewarding! Send a compliment to a stranger while they are passing by. Smile and say “hello” to everyone you pass during your day! Even if you are at the grocery store you can be epic! Ask that elderly man or woman if you can help her load their groceries. You will put a smile on their face and they will always remember that generosity.

Start Living epically today my friends. It’s not hard to do and it’s never too late to be the person you might have been.