Hey guys it’s Stephen! 

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on my past relationship that I built with food when life got hard! You know those moments I’m talking about... They’re the  “nothing can go right” or the “I’ve hit rock bottom” moments (such as a bad breakup, a lost job, or suddenly having to move). It’s times like these where stress levels are high and your comfort levels are low. So what do you turn to? The only thing that’s comforted you in the past...FOOD! 

As human beings we can be predisposed to the notion that “food is the only thing that’s ever been there for me". It's a real feeling and you are NOT alone. I myself have felt these feelings.

Over the course of a few years I have been able to "retrain my brain" and I want to help you. Food isn’t going to help you. Food will not clear your mind for positive thoughts to flow freely. Every time you eat when stressed you fall victim to yourself. I was stuck for almost 13 years going from overweight, to obese, to extremely obese all because when anything bad happened in life, I looked to food for the answer. Even when I was told I was overweight; I looked to food for the answers... too naive to realize that it was food causing me all this grief in the first place!

If you happen to be one of these “stress eaters” I have news for you...THERE’S HOPE! In life you have always have two choices. (For the sake of the argument) they’re EAT WHEN YOU’RE STRESSED OR DON’T EAT! Instead of eating, find something that will clear your mind of these negative thoughts. Find something you love....not food because we all love food, (LOL) but it’s not going to help. 

Whether it be in art, weightlifting, spending time with your children, or even volunteering, find an activity that brings you JOY!  When you have had a really hard day and you find yourself staring down a pint of ice cream, stop and think about how you will feel afterwards! It's time to end the cycle.

If you feel you can relate to my blog and want to speak more about your goals or struggles I invite you to contact me directly or even stop in store. I am here to help. I know how it feels.

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