Despite its doubtful name, the garbage plate has nothing in common with garbage or some other kinds of trash. Moreover, it is a great example of real American-styled food which combines a balanced amount of nutritious components with a rich taste. Let’s consider what is so special in the garbage plate and why adding it to your menu is a win-win idea.

The Main Idea and Legend of How the Garbage Plate Was Created

The idea of a garbage plate isn’t new. If you ever tasted some kind of convenience food where all your favorite types of dishes are mashed up, you can clearly understand what this plate is in its essence.

Yet, where and how did it appeared? It is not actually a dish with centuries of history behind it. Moreover, only 6 years ago it gained popularity and became a real must-try in the Rochester, NY area.

The idea belongs to Nick Tahou, an owner of Nick Tahou Hots café in Rochester, NY. One day the chef accepted a pack of students who came late at night to grab a bite during their hangover. Their request was simple and concrete – they wanted to get all the garbage the café had on their plates. And Nick fulfilled their order. He put some pieces of a cheeseburger, some macaroni salad, and a bit of fries which remained on the pan. The results were amazing. Students almost fell in love with the dish, and further, Nick was almost obliged to add it to the casual menu of his café. This happened in 2017. Since that time, the Garbage Plate became a specialty of Rochester, NY, and it became a real must-try among the visitors of the area.

The location of Nick Tahou Hots also cranked it up as it is situated along the Rochester Heritage Trail which is visited by tons of tourists annually. Thus, one more thing which made the Garbage Plate incredibly popular occurred. In October 2017, Jenna Marbles, a celeb YouTube vlogger with millions of subscribers, made it even more popular when proposed to her boyfriend to cook the Garbage Plate. Then the video was published by the channel Binging With Babish, and the Nick Tahou’s dish became a real legend.

The Consistency of a Casual Rochester’s Garbage Plate

Yet, what does a classy Garbage Plate consist of? The recipe has already gained multiple variations. The basis, yet, remains classy.

  • The source of protein to your choice – this can be a classy hamburger or cheeseburger, special Nick Tahou’s Red Hots (or any other kind of a hotdog), or even a steak, chicken, or grilled cheese if you prefer meat without additives.
  • The classy pasta salad aka macaroni salad.
  • Some fries (potato French fries or any veg fried).
  • Baked beans.
  • Special Rochester’s meat hot sauce.

There are lots of variations where you can submit cheeseburger or meat with some vegan options like grilled tofu cheese or veg meat. Besides, removing some components is also allowed. The main component which makes this dish truly Rochester’s is the special meat sauce which consists of the following ingredients in particular proportions:

  • 1 pound of ground meat, preferably beef;
  • 1 cup of diced onions;
  • 1 ½ cup of Pilati tomatoes or tomato sauce;
  • A mix of allspice, cayenne/chili peppers, cloves, and cinnamon – 1 teaspoon;
  • ¼ teaspoon of each spice: cumin, paprika, garlic powder;
  • Salt/pepper by taste.

To get the sauce you need to sauté the onions in veg oil and then add minced meat to it. After the base of the sauce is half-ready, add all spices to the pan and then remove them from the pan. Stir tomato sauce or pilati with a bit of salt and pepper, return onions and beef to the pan, and cook until it is ready. A bit of wine or broth can be added to enrich the taste and make the sauce homogenous.

Why Is It a Good Choice for Breakfast or Lunch

When you decide on the dish for your breakfast or lunch, consider the Garbage Plate is a good idea. The secret is simple. It is rich in nutrients. Just consider the following figures:

  • The amount of calories per portion – from 500 calories.
  • It consists of 79 grams (circa 0.17 lbs) of protein.
  • The dish offers 55% of carbohydrates which mostly consist of dietary fiber.
  • The Garbage plate provides 2.9 mcg of Vitamin D and 835 mcg of Calcium.

Thus, it can be a great option for athletes, people who prefer an interval diet, or those who work hard.

Of course, it is quite simple to cook the Garbage Plate as all its components are quite affordable and you can get them in the nearest convenience food store. Yet, getting a fresh and tasty Garbage Plate is even easier as you can order it in our healthy food prep & delivery service.