Every wonder why “Fad diets” are here today and gone tomorrow? Because they don’t work! Keto, Atkins, paleo, baby food, juicing, cabbage soup diet… WHAT?? A cabbage soup diet?? If it sounds crazy, it is crazy. If the diet program claims to have you losing 4-5 pounds a week... it wont work long term.
Here are the top 4 reasons FAD DIETING is not for you!


Just by quickly skimming over the requirements of a fad dieting (especially the ones listed above) you will be cutting major foods and entire food groups from your diet. While this may yield you short term results there is NO WAY you can live the rest of your life without carbs or just by eating cabbage stew.

95 Nutrition keeps all food groups in your diet. Pasta, cheese, sause, Bread & sweets. You will never miss a single food group on your diet with us.


When looking at fad diets anyone can see that the major “weight loss factor” is cutting calories… BIG TIME. Cutting your daily intake of calories in half will absolutely make the pounds fall off quickly but it comes at a cost. YOUR SANITY, YOUR HEALTH and your ability to have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with food after you come off this “Crash diet”

Sorry if it sounded like I was yelling ???? but I get passionate about this one. ANYONE can starve you thin, that's not hard. What's hard is PLANNING for success & that meals meal prep. Our portion controlled meals will take all of the planning and guesswork out of dieting.


Diets are always dreaded because we feel like we have to stop "living life". Going out to eat, dating, enjoying a holiday or birthday are all a cause for concern when on a fad diet. Why? Because you don't want to break the restrictive diet. So here you are...not only are you grumpy & hungry all the time, you now feel like you are a prisoner to your home because nothing on a restaurant menu “fits your fad”. Imagine pulling out your baby food container while on a date. LOL

95 Nutrition is teaching you daily to make better portion controlled decisions when it comes to food. Rest assured that you can go out to eat & not ruin your weight loss progress for the week because you know how much you should eat!


You will NOT last forever on a “fad diet”, I can promise you that. I am not trying to be negative, but more so realistic. EVENTUALLY you will eat carbs or ditch the cabbage soup and when you do the aftermath will be like an atomic bomb on your body, digestive system and brain.

You have spent MONTHS avoiding all these “amazing foods” and now that you have had just a little taste you cannot help yourself AND I DON’T BLAME YOU!! 90% of fad diet users gain back at LEAST half their total weight lost in just a few short weeks.

With 95's program you are not removing any food groups out of your diet you are just learning to eat LESS of them. This means you are building a very healthy relationship with ALL food groups. You know what happens when you create a healthy relationship with ALL FOODS?? You don't crave as much and you definitely don't have the urge to binge eat.

So let’s circle back to portion control. Here at 95 Nutrition we simply ask you to eat less. THAT IS IT. We have clients losing upwards of 10-12 pounds a month here. Now I know that may seem like “not enough” when you compare it to Atkins or keto results BUT you are missing the key factors here. SUSTAINABILITY AND YOUR SANITY. Without the two you will not succeed long term.