Well Fam, I have told you time and time again that we are not big fans of Keto dieting, as it is not sustainable in the long term. Hence why the "ATKINS" diet is no longer popular. Don't get me wrong, You absolutely get results from this style of dieting, but to cut carbs from your life eternally is just not practical.

Most Keto dieters last anywhere from 30-60 days (losing 20-25 lbs) before they cave and introduce carbs back into their diet. This is where it gets bad...You have been without carbs & sugars for so long that they are now your nemesis . You cannot stop eating them because it has been so long, and lets face it...they make you feel so good!! Now in just 3 weeks you have gained back the weight and then some.

This is one of the main reasons the weight loss programs here at 95 keep all carbs in your life all the time. You learn to eat them in moderation. You learn a sustainable way of eating!! LONG TERM SUCESS.

With this being said we DO accommodate "keto fans" here at 95. Any of our dishes can be pre-order through the website with the carb source removed. The kitchen will double the veggies to make up for the lack of Carbs. We do not charge extra for this service so please feel free to order as little or as many as you would like! If you have questions about placing this order please call or "message us" by clicking the blue button on our website :)


  1. Place all the meals you would like in your cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. In the "order instruction" section write "All meals carbless" (pictured below)
  4. Complete your order
  5. ENJOY!