So you’re looking for a pre workout but also want to build muscle in the gym. Well GAT supplements has got you covered with this all around pre workout that is going to increase energy, pump, focus, as well as strength!

They use a high Citrulline to Arginine ratio to increase Nitric Oxide production. You may ask why? Both of these products will increase blood flow and pump in the gym but too much arginine can lead to production of arginase which will prevent Nitric Oxide production and actually cause the products stimulants to become ineffective. That is why they add a higher dose of citrulline to still give you that great blood flow but also prevent over-stimulation and lack of blood flow.

GAT has added CFBs (calcium fructopyranose borate) to this pre workout, which gives it the name “test enhancing formula”. What these do is grab any free floating or waste testosterone in your body and shuttle it into your muscles so the testosterone is being used rather than going to waste which overtime will cause an increase in muscular strength.

*Ladies do not be scared of this product, testosterone is natural in the female body and this will not increase those levels but like mentioned above will put them to use to build muscle.

They were not shy when it came to Beta-Alanine in this product. The effective dose of beta alanine will definitely give you those pins and needle feelings but with no harm is only going to increase your stamina and prolong fatigue throughout your workout!

DMAE was also added to this product to increase alertness, mental clarity, as well as cognitive focus for your workout.

This product is available at all four of our locations and have many flavors to choose from. Stop out and give it a try!

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Written By: Ricky Rinallo