All of our life we’re always told to eat our vegetables right? But let's face it whenever we’re eating we always find ourselves skipping them. That is why 1stPhorm has designed a superfood product with 50 ingredients called “Opti-Greens” This product is going to supply you with the nutrients of eating 11 plus servings of vegetables in one day. And if you think that is all “Opti-Greens” is going to do I advise you to keep reading.

This product was packed with 8 ORGANIC greens and grasses which are going to supply your body with healthy organic vitamins and minerals to keep your pH levels balanced along with cleaning your bloodstream.

1st Phorm has added in a complex to this product that is packed with carotenoids and bioflavonoids which are healthy antioxidants which are crucial for removing any unwanted free radicals that can have any tissue damaging effects to your body. In this complex Circumin was also tossed in to help keep your joints from becoming inflamed and even reduce any current joint pain you may be having.

Plant enzymes and Probiotic Blend: This blend is going to contain 10 different strains of bacteria which are going to aid in the maximum amount of absorption from the nutrients you take in. Enzymes are another crucial component because it allows your GI tract to function properly which results in, improved digestion, improved immunity, and increasing natural energy levels.

Lastly, what makes this product highly effective is that they used 6.2g of low temperature ingredients causing this product to become more bioavailable right away so you start to see the benefits in a short amount of time. Also, this is a non GMO product with all natural flavoring making it 100% natural.

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Written By: Ricky Rinallo