September is quickly approaching and you know what that means, back to school! Summer vacation is nearing the end and it is time for you to get ready for your schedule to change. Having less time doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your needs, with our help you can make it all happen. Here’s a few ways we can make that transition a bit easier:


Let’s face it… lunchtime is not long enough. Instead of slamming down something quick and unhealthy or not eating at all you can ensure you have the energy you need for the back half of the day by coming prepared with a meal from 95 Nutrition. With over 25 different lunch options at all locations we are sure to keep your appetite excited all year long.

Pro-tip: Every Friday we have a sale in stores where our meals are $1.50 off. Yes… EVERY Friday. Even if you just use us for your lunches during the week, that's just $29.95 for a healthy & effortless lunch.

Immune Boost

Without fail every year the common cold goes around every school classroom. You can keep your immune system strong with Alani’s Immunity Gummies AND Allmax’s CytoGreens. Start boosting your immune system a few weeks prior to the first day back for an added edge up on the germs!

Pro tip: Mix your greens with Allmax's BCAA for extra hydration and added flavor

Beating the 2pm Slump

We all know when 2-3pm hits and it's almost that time to go home. Feeling sluggish? It happens to us all. Try Alani Nu's energy drinks for a quick boost that you'll need to sail right through the rest of the day. We have so many flavors and caffeine levels to choose from!

Pro tip: Every Thursday we offer a sale on energy drinks, Buy 4 Get 1 Free.