Today, meal prep and consumption is a cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. We eat to maintain the balance in our body, and the principles of healthy nutrition are the #1 idea for weight loss. Of course, you should consider genetics, your metabolism, and the levels of physical activity to gain results in your struggle with extra weight but eating is the most significant thing to maintain.

In the epoch of an extra-fast lifestyle, eating a full-fledged menu is often impossible. Yet, there are healthy and nutritious substitutes for your salad and steak. These are meal replacement bars. Let’s consider which of them may help you to lose weight and which of their ingredients are the most effective for that goal.

The Secrets of Bars as a Meal Substitute to Eat Healthy

The compact form and high energy levels make bars a must-try comfort food. Earlier, they were mostly appreciated by athletes because bars were an additional source of protein and energy and with their help, you could easily consume high doses of protein.

Yet today, meal substitute bars can be taken by all people who want to eat healthy. There are three main types of such bars:

  • With high protein levels;
  • High-carbs bars;
  • Protein-carb bars.

When we talk about weight loss, only bars with high protein and protein-carb bars suit this goal flawlessly.

The next thing to consider about these bars is how many calories you need to consume. When you want to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn during your active daytime. Thus, it is important to consider how many calories there are in a bar you want to eat. Although most bars are compact, they can be a real calorie bombshell! So, if you have a bar which contains 410 calories, for example, it is almost 1/5 of your total calories per day. Also, the levels of fiber are significant when you select a bar for your menu. On average, people need 25-35 grams of fiber per day.

Some bars with high levels of fiber can provide you with 1/3 of this dose. In case you maintain a special diet, for example, a lactose-free or vegan diet, you also have to consider the components of your bar and the source of protein it contains. For vegans, bars with soy protein or peanut protein are the best.

TOP 5 Bars You Can Eat to Lose Your Weight

Meal Replacement Bars for Weight Loss

Now let’s talk about recipes and tastes. There are numerous bars but the most popular and let’s be honest tasty are as follows.

  • Fruit & nut bars contain various types of nuts rich in protein and additionally have a good amount of fiber and vitamins due to fruit extracts, condensed juices, or dried fruits in the recipe.
  • Seed bars include various seeds like sunflower seeds, linen seeds, chia, quinoa seeds, or sesame seeds which are rich in amino acids, oils, and proteins.
  • Coconut bars also get popular as coconut has enough fiber and lots of essential oils with a good amount of protein.
  • Soy protein bars or bars with lentil-based protein are the best for vegans as their production meets the principles of a vegan diet.
  • Peanut butter protein bars, like our company’s favorite bar, peanut butter protein bar, are a great source of protein and additionally, it has a rich taste which is adored by consumers. Peanut butter remains one of the most popular products, so its bright sides used in a protein bar is a win-win choice.

Protein Is the Key: What to Eat Besides Bars

Of course, meal replacement bars are the best idea for your active lifestyle when you have to eat on the go and have no opportunity to slow down and get a full-fledged dinner or lunch with balanced ingredients and low calories. Yet, you shouldn’t stick only to this type of meal!

When you eat a diverse range of food you get more impressions and flavors, and your body quicker gets satisfaction and enjoys your meals. Thus, you can diversify your on-the-go menu with other convenient and healthy meals. In 95 Nutrition, you can order a real bestseller, our protein desserts to your choice.

So, meal substitutes with HLS recipes are great. And meal replacement bars are the best choice for urgent energy replenishment. There are numerous types of these bars, and you can bring some pleasure to your daily eating by selecting different recipes and tastes. Just keep in mind that you need to get more protein than fats and carbs to lose weight, and in your chosen bars proteins should be leading in the recipe.