Weight control is a part of the HLS. When you have extra weight (we do not even talk about obesity), your body suffers. Each pound of weight is an additional load on joints and spine.

Increased weight requires more energy during the day to stay active and it also leads to dyspnea, skin stretching, and other issues which make people unhappy when they look at the mirror or try to maintain their daily routines.

Of course, weight control is a complex task which involves physical training, health control, and proper meal choices.

The last option should be discussed in detail. So, let’s focus on healthy meals and how you can gain weight loss with their help.

The Secret of a Balance: How the Levels of Energy You Consume With Food Impacts Weight

The first and foremost secret of weight loss is that you need to spend more energy than you consume daily to activate metabolism processes which help to reduce adipose tissue levels in the body.

In practice, it looks like you need to spend more calories than you get from your meals. But this balance is in regular and sustainable eating not in refuse from food. If you try to reduce calories by simply maintaining a strict and low-calorie diet, you won’t get great results. It is the essence of the human body: when it considers that it is starving (due to low calories consumed), it starts storing energy and for this, it transforms carbs into fats which are deposited in our body’s tissues.

As a result, you don’t lose weight. Instead, it stands still or grows. Simultaneously, you feel bad and low-energized. So, it’s the wrong way.

Instead of this issue, maintaining a healthy and balanced menu can help in your weight loss goals. And that’s how it works.

  • You need fuel for the body and this fuel is food. You have to get balanced levels of proteins, fats, and carbs enforced by vitamins, nutrients, and microelements. If your menu is balanced and you eat enough healthy food, risks of gaining weight are mitigated.
  • You have to burn the energy you get from food. This includes physical workouts, intellectual work, and even digestion. Almost every action we do including napping and having rest requires energy. If you plan your activity tip-top, you spend energy thoughtfully. In case you want to maintain weight, you have to spend the same amount of energy that you consume.
  • Besides, you can choose products with a certain balance of calories and nutrients to help your body to lose weight. Here we are going to tell you some tips about how to plan your meal menu to make it weight-losing.

Which Products from Healthy Meals Help to Maintain Weight and Lose It

Let’s get some useful tips on how to make food help you lose weight instead of gaining it.

  • Maintain the menu with high-protein and low-carb products. Carbs are the main fuel, and they are easily deposited in our bodies. Instead, proteins help build muscles and produce collagen for our joints, skin, and hair. Fats are also important at moderate levels, so they should be included in the menu, especially in the form of Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids and vegetable oils.
  • Control portions to lose weight. Even if you select only superfoods and vegetables on your menu, eating them in big amounts won’t help you to lose weight.
  • Add more negative calorie food. These are products with minimum calories, which require more energy to process them in the gastrointestinal tract. These are greenery, and green vegetables, which are the source of cellulose. Also, negative calorie food examples are pineapples, broccoli, chili peppers, celery, sprouts, and various vegetables.
  • Drinking enough water is a must. It is better to use more fresh water instead of soda, sweet drinks, coffee, and tea.
  • Meal prep processes are also important to maintain weight loss. Better avoid food which is fried, cooked with lots of fats, and overseasoned meals. The best weight-loss cooking techniques are steaming, boiling, baking, and grilling. Besides, lots of products can be consumed as-is, being raw. This refers to vegetables, fruits, some sorts of fish, nuts, and seeds of all kinds.
  • Make food a pleasure. Your levels of happiness are also factors for successful weight loss. The more happiness you get from your meals, the more effective your way to weight loss is.

Summarizing all we said above, we can tell you that healthy food which is balanced, energizing, tasty, and prepared according to the principles of HLS is your indispensable helper in weight control goals.