What attracts you when you decide on your daily menu? Probably, you want to taste something truly delicious. If your meals are healthy and provide you with all the nutrients you need for your HLS, it can also be an important decisive factor, can’t it? Let’s talk about how to develop balanced and nutritious dishes, taking as an example the expertise of 95 Nutrition.

What Is a Cornerstone of Our Approach to HLS Meal Prep?

Conscious eating is what helps you to maintain health and top up your energy levels. That’s not surprising. Yet simple intuition is not enough to eat consciously. Thus, it’s time to turn to science and use its advances to help with it. That is what we do in 95 Nutrition when we craft our dishes. However, which science comes in handy for that? The answer is simple. That’s nutrition!

The idea of nutrition as a scientific approach to meal preparation is very popular today. This part of healthcare science appeared at the intersection of biology, nutrition hygiene, and even chemistry. With its help, people manage to maintain healthy and balanced nutrition in their everyday routines, and it helps us to create balanced and healthy meals for our customers. The core idea of nutrition as a science is to investigate and apply the mechanisms of healthy food consumption, the reasons why people prefer certain foods and meals, and the impact which these meals provide on the body.

Yet, how does it work in real life? Let’s start with the most significant features which should be taken into account when developing healthy recipes.

The Most Important Features of Your Healthy Meals You May Not Know About

  • Energy value is a core idea. We consume food to get energized and fill our body with the necessary calories for its normal functioning. The principle of healthy eating is to consume enough calories to maintain energy levels, but not to overeat more than your body consumes. The total amount of calories you get daily should be the same you spend daily. If you want to decrease weight, then it is necessary to consume fewer calories than you spend. Then, your body will use its deposits to maintain energy balance. The same refers to the contrary situation. When you need to gain weight, you have to eat more calories than you consume to help the body get more deposits. In our work, we take into account the current needs of each customer and develop individual menus.
  • The balance of nutrients. All the calories we get from proteins, fats, and carbs. In today’s eating tradition, most people consume too many carbs, which are metabolized into fat deposits. Yet, healthy meals should consist more of proteins and fats, predominantly vegetable fats, and only a small amount of carbs, mostly slow carbs should be added to the menu. In our work, we maintain the balance of these three nutrients and calculate their amount in each dish.
  • Saturation with necessary microelements and vitamins. All products we eat have some balance of vitamins and microelements like fatty acids, amino acids, chemical compounds, peptides, etc. For example, daily each adult needs to eat approximately 75 mg of vitamin C. You can get it from products rich in vitamin C like broccoli, lemon, black currant, papaya, etc. The same refers to other elements. To get necessary Omega-3 and Omega-6, we need to eat sea fish and nuts. To replenish iron levels – it is a must to get it from apples, liver, and other products. We evaluate the value of each product and compose recipes where most nutrients and vitamins will be balanced.
  • The size of a portion is also important. Due to the principle that male and female bodies require different amounts of calories to maintain energy balance, we design our portions to meet HLS principles and prevent overeating. That doesn’t mean that you remain hungry. Yet, you won’t overeat.

Besides these principles and key features, food should bring pleasure. That’s one of the most affordable pleasures in the world, and we cannot discard that fact too.

Eating Healthy Means Eating Tasty!

Of course, we select the most in-demand dishes and refer to popular culinary trends. That is we select the most popular recipes and adapt them to the principles we listed below. That is not hard, by the way, as lots of popular recipes in the US refer to healthy food. Take as an example Tuscan creamy chicken. It is a must-try for appreciators of Italian cuisine, and it is healthy in its recipe using dietary chicken meat, cream, spinach, veggies, and herbs which provide good metabolism. We search for the best traditional and modern recipes and apply cuisines from all over the world to develop a menu which can please the nastiest gourmand.

Let’s add to this, strict control of the quality of all products we use. We get the freshest meat and vegetables, strictly select suppliers of dairy products, use only top-quality oils and sauces and prefer to cook from under the knife instead of using convenience food and frozen semis. As a result, when you order 95 Nutrition’s health meal delivery, you can be sure that you get multiple benefits from it:

  • Only fresh and hot ready-made meals for your lunches and dinners.
  • Food with a balanced combo of proteins, fats, and carbs meeting your personal needs in energy.
  • Recipes from all over the world to experience new tastes, flavors, and impressions.
  • Great balance of vitamins and microelements which covers the daily dosage prescribed for each person.

At last, you get pleasure from your healthy meals and free your time for more important tasks and pastimes. That's also the secret ingredient of our meals.