Top 5 reasons Our customers
Love our meals!

  1. Quality - We use the freshest ingredients available right here in WNY! All of our meals are assembled by our team at our Grand Island NY cooking facility. Each meal is inspected by our staff to insure that the highest quality product is being released to you the customer ????

  2. Variety - With over 25+ different menu items every single week, we keep our customers excited for what's to come! You never have to worry about "getting bored of the same old meals" here at 95 because we have 145 different lunch/dinner options that rotate ???? That doesn't even include breakfast items, salads, soups or desserts!!!!

  3. Consistency - Every single meals is measured, weighed & plated with your goals & the integrity of the recipe in mind. You can rest assured that 95 is on YOUR side. ????

  4. Flavor - No hot sauce necessary here, and that is something that we are most proud of! Paying for flavorless meals that you have to LOAD with hot sauce is not acceptable in our minds. Our recipes are flavorful without adding salt, butter or deep frying! How do we do it?!? ???? That's our little secret!

  5. Fun - American, Asian, Italian, Caribbean...are just some of the countries our customers visit every week. Not only do we have 25+ different meals to choose from every week, those meals cover at least 4-5 countries ???? ANY meal prep service can offer you the same chicken 20 times with a different seasoning & veggie combo, but we offer you burgers, pastas, wraps, sandwiches and casseroles (JUST TO NAME A FEW) ????