Written By: Sarah Fredette

Inevitably when you are in pursuit of creating something new in yourself and within your life surrounding a goal you’ve laid out on the table you will be faced with moments of adversity. Those moments more often than not are the moments when we make the choice to give up or say this is too much and it’s not attainable against the circumstances you’re facing. Those moments in turn become the ones where we quit.

The thing is we often don’t realize that adversity is temporary. The moments of strain and struggle don’t last forever although in the midst of it all can often feel like they won’t end.

Such is life that unforeseen and difficult circumstances will arise. Those circumstances will challenge you on staying the course of everything you’re looking to create and accomplish against all else arising.

We all face the moments and it’s the choices we make in these moments the shift our progress in one direction or another.

Next time you’re standing in the face of adversity and pondering the thought of quitting try on these courses of action before abandoning the goals you’ve worked so hard on thus far:

Put your attention on the reasons you started this journey. What do you want to have happen? And then be in inquiry around if quitting in this moment of discomfort will fulfill or serve what you TRULY want not what you want in just this moment

Focus on what’s thriving. Even if it’s not pertaining to the end goal, what in life is thriving for you? What keeps you getting up everything morning and moving forward? When you shift what you put your attention on to what’s thriving you have access to see the bigger picture not just the temporary scenario.

Remind yourself that this is temporary. Most hard things in life are. You and I, all of us were made to be able to endure hard things and if these moments are only temporary is it worth abandoning all the hard work you’ve done to have a temporary moment of ease?

The journey to achievement, success, and fulfillment of ones dreams or goals is built on and attained by the choices we make when faced with the most unideal and uncomfortable circumstances life may throw our way.

You know how bad you want everything you’ve envisioned for the next version of who you want to be in this life you’re creating and if the moments of adversity are only temporary is it worth surrendering all that you’re up to and that you’ve created for a moment ease?

Friendly reminder: You’re goals and determination outweighs anything thrown your way. You’re strong enough and capable enough to overcome the adversity. The next time you’re in the moment of the desire to abandon everything you want: don’t quit, overcome.