Something far to often associated with “losing weight” is SUFFERING. You MUST SUFFER in order to reach your goals! Right?... WRONG!

I am writing this today because of a customer service call I personally took (and am happy I did). The woman on the phone wanted to know, How am I going to lose weight on your program...The food tastes so good” At that moment I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh just a little. Why has America done this to us? Why do we believe that we must eat “cardboard” in order to see any results?

Why do people use 95 Nutrition? Because we are leading the pack when it comes to weight loss through meal prep and portion control. Gone are the days of losing weight through eating bland and boring chicken and rice. ( I mean that does work, don’t get me wrong...but who really wants to. Not me!) This is the 21st century! Get with the times! Here at 95 we use sauces, we use seasonings, we cook with flavor. Why? Because it’s okay to enjoy food while losing weight... In fact we encourage it.

Losing weight can leave you feeling slightly hungry and maybe a little grumpy at times. I won’t lie about that. So why would you want to couple that with bland and boring meals? This journey will not always be a walk in the park, but I can assure you that you will ALWAYS look forward to your meals with 95 Nutrition. Our goal is to help you build a “HEALTHY” relationship with food that you can carry out yourself for the rest of your life.

Want more info? Contact me directly! Don’t be shy- I am here for you. This is my passion. Let’s do this together.

Lindsey O’Farrell