Hey Friends!

We are officially 7 days into the New Year and maybe tonight is a hard night for you when it comes to sticking to your new diet. I know you may be thinking that you can't possibly live without going out to eat or indulging in your favorite dessert treat and I'm here to tell you that those thoughts are absolutely true! So let me hear the sighs of relief. :)

To succeed this year all you need to learn is balance. If you have a planned date with your spouse, friend or family member this week DO NOT FEAR. You can still stay on track AND live your life without ordering a salad with no dressing. I am living proof! Follow these tips below to succeed in 2019.

1. Stay on track up till your dinner

Dinner is planned for Friday night so I expect you to stay on track with your diet program every day leading up. If you are part of our team that means eating your 95 meals 4x a day. EASY right? So what happens on Friday? Don't panic. Eat your meals up until dinner, leave your last 95 meal for the day in the freezer and head out to dinner!

2. Order what you want at dinner...just be responsible

Let's say you find yourself at your local pizzeria! "Oh boy Lindsey, how am I supposed to order what I really want here AND be reasonable"... EASY! Order that pizza supreme that has got you drooling, BUT order a small instead of a large. Skip the breadsticks because you don't NEED them. You've already got your favorite pizza on the way!

3. Enjoy the company NOT stuffing yourself to the brim

Let's hope you agreed to go out for the company and not the food! (LOL) With that being said, when your pizza comes out grab a slice and cut it down the middle. Savor the flavor and focus on the conversation! Try and take 5 minutes to eat one slice. (I know I could eat one in probably 45 seconds...lets be real) Go in for a 2nd and eat it the same way. Ok...Ok...Time to shut it down. The goal is to leave dinner satisfied NOT STUFFED.


Of course you are going to have a little left. ( Even with ordering a small) Decline taking left overs home. I know it sounds wasteful but you can't have the temptation in the house. If you come from a family that CAN'T waste food then take it "To Go" and bring it into work tomorrow. Your co-workers will LOVE YOU. ;)

5. Back on track the next day

You did it!!! You successfully enjoyed your life while still working towards your weight loss goals. The next morning get right back to the program. You have goals to crush. Don't worry about the 95 meal you didn't eat last night, they can stay frozen for a MONTH. Just order 1 less meal next week and use it OR give it to a friend so they can experience what we have to offer.

If you are stressing out about going out for dinner this week send us a email. We will help you through it.