Want to be successful on our program? Here are some tips from the owner of 95!

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST...Be confident! YOU CAN DO THIS Just because you don’t like what you see now doesn’t mean you have to be embarrassed...So you let yourself get a little out of control…it’s nothing that can’t be fixed! PROMISE.

2. DO NOT CHEAT ON ME. Just don’t. I promise you I will find out! Your results will speak to your dedication to my program. I know you will love the results more than you love that tasty treat you are thinking about right now. IT AIN’T WORTH IT.

3. Stop drinking alcohol!! One of the VERY first questions I get. “Well how much can I drink on this program? WELL... It depends on how seruois you are about getting results! If you can't stop drinking... you don't want it that bad. #justsayin I could spend a while day writing about the negative effects of drinking and why its keeping you from losing the weight you want. (for another day)

Drink Water4. On the contrary…DRINK YOUR WATER. A gallon a day. This is critical. If you are not peeing CLEAR you are dehydrated.

5. Work the plan as it is written. That means you must Eat all your meals.

6. You should be “comfortably hungry” You are at a calorie deficit so you should feel a little hungry. I am not in the business of starving people thin. If you are feeling painfully hungry please contact us!! (its not okay)

7. If you need food outside of plan you can have a protein shake with WATER or any green veggies you would like! (NO DIPS OR SPREADS---I don't care about low fat or organic or whatever...calories are calories)

8. If you screw up and cheat on the program… FORGIVE yourself. Reflect on what triggered that craving to eat sweets or junk food. THEN GET right back to it!!

9. The only way you can fail at this is by giving up. CONSISTENCY and DEDICATION to the end result will drive you towards success. PLEASE listen to me...if you are sick of starting over than quit giving up. You are so strong. Don't sell yourself short.

10. USE THE TOOLS YOU HAVE! Don’t be shy to ask questions. We are here for you.

11. Rid your house of temptation. If you feel bad throwing food away…donate it or give it to a friend. NO EXCUSES. You will not leave the house to go get a bag of chips because you are craving them, but if you have them in the kitchen it will make it harder to say no.

12. START TODAY! Just because this doesn’t officially start until you get your meal plan doesn’t mean you can go on a “Food bender” until Monday. You are not on death row. You are on your way to blazing a new path in your life. And…It will just make things harder to start.

13. Change your mindset don’t think “Oh I cant have that because I’m on a diet”….replace the negativity with “ I could have that treat but I don’t want it because I am dedicated to the end result”

14. Rid the negativity out of your life. At first some of your friends may not be supportive of what you are doing. screw them. They are not you friends. Go out and show them you mean it this time.

15. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. ;) It only takes YOU to get this thing done.