Hey Instagram friends and 95 Nutrition Family. My name is Ryan and it was felt that I could help or motivate by sharing my story and the struggles I’ve been through in the last few years. This will be my first post since being asked to share my story and I really hope that I can help and reach some of you by sharing.

On March 30th, 2013 I was involved in a life changing motorcycle accident that almost took my life at 25 years old. I was traveling down Niagara Falls Blvd turning onto Maple road when I was struck by a vehicle at a high rate of speed. My motorcycle blew up on impact and I was thrown 150ft from the accident site. I obviously sustained some serious injuries during this accident, I broke both legs including both knees and my right femur was crushed. I broke both arms and both wrists, my stomach was badly damaged and I perforated my small intestine. I lost the upper part of my right leg and had to have skin grafts to correct the injuries.

In the midst of all these bad injuries I am very lucky to not have sustained a head or back injury. I was rushed to ECMC where I flat lined 3 times and my family was told I wasn’t going to make it. Over the next few hours the doctors worked miracles along with unwillingness to give up and stop fighting and were able to stabilize me. Unfortunately this came with a cost and at this point I slipped into a coma where I would remain for 2months. During this time the doctors were able to perform 10's of surgeries to slowly put me back together. Waking up at 114pounds and from a coma I had no idea that I had been in a coma for 2 months and literally thought it was the same day and had no recollection of the accident. Talking with the doctors I was told that I would not walk again or have full use of my right leg.

After feeling sorry for myself for awhile in and out of life changing surgeries I decided that this was not going to be my life. I wasn’t going to let this hold me back from anything or get in the way of my future. I took it as a challenge, I took it as I'll show you to everyone that I will walk and run and not be held back. So the hard work began. I started intense physical therapy and after 4 months I was stable enough to leave and go home. Things only got harder from there but I was determined!

I started slow and eventually I was able to stand and get around but still wasn’t able to bend my right knee. Over the next 2 years I had surgery after surgery on my stomach, elbow and 13 knee surgeries. Every knee surgery with intense therapy I was able to bend my knee more and more, I started walking and being able to walk stairs and do everyday life. However this was not enough for me, I came so far to stop with just good enough. The next step was to get in the gym and start strength training and building myself back up. During the period of all these surgeries my weight had gotten out of control and I went from 114 pound to 256pounds. I started with getting my diet under control and reaching out to friends for help. I started doing a lot of cardio and strength training. After a year I was able to get my weight down to 180 pounds and I was solid. I’m now able to have 80% use of my knee that doctors were 80% sure that I would lose completely.

I now keep my diet in check with some help from my friends at 95 Nutrition on meal prep and supplements, and spending time in the gym everyday (no days off). It has been a very long tough road for me to get back to where I wanted to be, I went from you’ll never walk again to being more physically fit and athletic than I was before my accident. Its hard work, there’s going to be days that you don’t want to do it and you just really don’t care but those are the days that are the most important. My scars are a reminder that life tried to break me and failed, that I was too tough to let it break me even though I have a rod holding my femur together and plates and screws holding other various parts together.

I use that for motivation day in and day out to continue to strive to be better than I was yesterday, to achieve the things I want and that are important to me. If you have made the decision to change your on the right track. The goal is to build yourself into the person you want to be, never mind what others think that you should be. It’s about loving yourself and being a better you for you. Go out there and be the best you can be everyday and strive for the things you want and watch your life change for the better and turn into what you want. The world doesn’t owe you anything you have to get out there with hard work and go for it. You deserve the best and everything you want. Remember that.

I’m here if anyone has questions or comments or needs more motivation. Remember one day at a time it doesn’t happen overnight.