Hey Friends! It's a new year and I want to share with you my personal tips for success that I find are MOST helpful when you set out on your weight loss journey this year! They are in no particular order, but are ALL very important to implement, if you are looking to lose the weight AND keep it off.

15 Tips for Success

  1. Take good pictures - No matter HOW BAD you feel about your body JUST DO IT! Before and afters are how you accurately track your success. Don't worry you'll look back and not even remember who that person was. ;)
  2. Be confident - Just because you don’t like what you see now doesn’t mean you have to be embarrassed, so you let yourself get a little out of control…it’s nothing that can’t be fixed! That's why you are here.
  3. DO NOT CHEAT ON ME - Just don’t. It’s 30 days of your life, it WILL be worth it.
  4. Stop drinking alcohol - I could spend a whole day writing about the negative effects of drinking! If you drink, you will not lose weight nearly as quickly. How bad do you want this?? Give it up for 30 days. You'll be a cheap drunk after LOL.
  5. On the contrary…DRINK YOUR WATER - A gallon a day. This is critical. If you are not peeing CLEAR you are dehydrated.
  6. Work the plan as it is written - TRUST US. Don't question it, you are in good hands.
  7. Being “comfortably hungry” - You are at a calorie deficit so you should feel a little hungry. We don’t starve you to lose weight here so if you are feeling painfully hungry please contact us!!
  8. Approved Snacking ONLY - We have a list if you need it. Just email us and we will send it over.
  9. Forgiving yourself- If you screw up and cheat on the program it is okay, it happens, nobody is perfect… Reflect on what triggered that craving to eat sweets or junk food. THEN GET right back to it!! Call us if you need.
  10. CONSISTENCY & DEDICATION - The only way you can fail at this is by giving up! If you don't give up you will succeed. Let the end result drive you towards success.
  11. USE THE TOOLS YOU HAVE - DO NOT be a stranger. Sierra & the staff are amazing & are here to help every step of the way!!!! Don’t be shy to ask questions. They LOVE to help.
  12. Rid your house of temptation - If you feel bad throwing food away…donate it or give it to a friend. NO EXCUSES. You will not leave the house to go get a bag of chips because you are craving them, but if you have them in the kitchen it will make it harder to say no.
  13. START TODAY! - Just because this doesn’t officially start till Tuesday doesn’t mean you can go on a “Food bender” until then. BELIEVE ME…It will just make things harder to start.
  14. Change your mindset - Don’t think “Oh I cant have that because I’m on a diet”….replace the negativity with “ I could have that treat but I don’t want it because I am dedicated to the end result” Positivity is KEY to a successful weight loss journey.
  15. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - I believe in each and every one of you. There isn't a single person who "CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT" It only takes YOU believing in YOU to get this done.