Did you have a bit too much fun over this last holiday weekend?? That's perfectly Okay!! It's time to hit the "RESET BUTTON" and move forward this Monday morning.

Here are 3 things to help you get back into the SWING!


Let's be real. You already know what you've done over the weekend. Green beer, corned beef and cabbage, maybe ordered a pizza or 2 ????❌... Relax. One holiday weekend isn't going to spiral you back out of control (I mean that is unless you let it) Stay off the scale till Wednesday or Thursday. No need to further punish or shame yourself. You already know what happened. Give your body a little time to get back into the groove and level out.

2. Drink Your Water

Even if you didn't dehydrate yourself into a human raisin with Guinness or Irish car bomb shots over the weekend, your off-kilter eating has defiantly messed with your your body. Feeling bloated after a cheat meal, day or weekend is perfectly normal. Don't panic! Get on drinking your water over the next couple days to help flush out all of that excess salt you may have taken in from the festivities.

3. GET BACK ON THE WAGON. NOW (And I mean it)

This one here is KEY TO YOUR continued success. EVERYTHING you eat today needs to be "back on track" no little taste of this or left over meal of that. A cheat weekend can EASILY turn into a cheat life. Get out to your nearest 95 today on your lunch break and stock up on your meals. We will have you back on track immediately. All locations are open 10am-7pm so stop in.

I really hope this helps today friends! There is NOTHING wrong with having a little FUN every now and then. Now let's move forward this Monday with our goals in mind! SUMMER IS COMING. Let my team help you get that body you have always dreamed of ????