If you have been following along on my postpartum weight loss journey you would already know that I had a SERIOUS struggle for the first 2 weeks.????If you are just tuning in you will have to go back and read the other blogs I have written thus far so that you can understand the gravity of this next sentence…

I AM DOWN 4 POUNDS THIS WEEK!????AHHHH!!! I was so pumped to sit down and write this blog today because I actually have positive news for you all but at the same damn time I couldn’t help but let my inner “Negative Nancy” tell me that I have SOOO FAR TO GO!????“Oh great a whole 4 pounds????...only 26 more to go….UGH!” That negative lady that controls my thoughts robbed me of my success this morning. How rude of her. I have gathered myself since this morning but I want you all to know that those feelings are real and that you have the right to be happy about weight loss results whether it is 1 lb or 5 lbs. LET YOURSELF BE HAPPY!????

So how did I do it? I followed through with the changes that I said I was going to make and BOOM. WE HAVE RESULTS.

Things I excelled at last week…

- Sticking to my 95 Meals ONLY. Snacks are non-existent in this house now

- Getting my cardio in at least 30 min a day (6 days a week)

- Drinking my water :( YUCK… But I did it with the help from aminos to flavor the water

- Staying positive about my journey

Things I struggled with last week…

- Wanting to have that “nightly” glass of red wine <— felt this one hard

- Getting motivated to do my cardio. UGH. Even with pre-workout my legs just felt like elephant limbs half the time

- Resisting temptation at Dinner Friday night. YES I went out for dinner on Friday night ANDDDDDDD I still lost the weight. (I will write another blog on just how to do that soon!)

I am living proof that you CAN start your weight loss journey during the holidays. Yes, at times it can absolutley be more difficult because of the cookies and holiday SNACKS in the air, but in my opinion the confidence you get through being successful on your weight loss journey is FAR more satisfying than any of those foods.

As always if this blog has inspired you to take the first step then LET’S DO THIS. If you have been following along thus far you may as well just get started.


Now that I have gotten myself into a groove I will be able to provide you all with more blogs that involve tips & tricks instead of just general updates! Talk to you all soon!