UPDATE ON THE FIRST 2 WEEKS- I can tell you it didn't go as planned and here is why!

Well I have entered week 3 and I can tell you that it has been QUITE the adjustment the first 2 weeks. Going from pregnant and “doing what I want” food wise to locking it down to lose weight hasn’t been EASY. The part that I was struggling with most in the first 2 weeks was the SNACKING. While pregnant if I wanted it, I ate it! A bite here, a taste there… Well now each and everyone of those bites and tastes counts because calories can add up quickly.

On a positive note …Sticking to the 95 meals is no problem at all, I am not even terribly hungry during the day. Working out for at least 30 min a day has not been an issue either. I am even proud that I got my cardio in on Thanksgiving morning, No excuses on that end! BUT food wise I can tell you I was NOT sticking to ONLY the meals. The first week and a half was littered with the SNACK selections in my house. UGH. Let’s not forget Thanksgiving where I didn’t follow any diet program but come on it’s a holiday! Live a little right? I really don’t feel bad about Thanksgiving at all because I even encourage our clients to relax a little. One meal is not going to kill your results but as I have proven, snacking ALL WEEK LONG will definitely do the trick.

So if you are following along and curious as to how I am actually going to get my shit together and lose this baby weight…

Here are my adjustments moving into week 3

  1. BEING HONEST WITH MYSLEF- I absolutley was not sticking to just my meal prep. I will this week.
  2. Snack are GONE from the house. I am talking so gone from the house that I have NOTHING in my house that I could get my hands on without having to physically cook it. I have found that you will not drive to a store to get the snack that you want AND if you are forced to cook it and make dishes, you probably won’t want it anyways.
  3. Bumping my workouts to a total of 45 min
  4. Staying more busy at night ( that’s when I am tempted to snack)- I am VERY busy between Baby M & the business from 4am-8pm but after those hours my mind starts to wander to SNACKS. I have thought about walking on the treadmill to take my mind off snacks but I’ll just be frank, I’m EXHAUSTED by 8pm and I am not superwoman so that is just not going to happen.
  5. Drinking a gallon of water… UGH. I HATE WATER. I wish drinking a gallon of wine was just as effective.
  6. Speaking of drinking… the occasional glass of red wine is GONE this week. Wine sipping and food snacking are one and the same. RIP WINE
  7. Accepting compliments from my husband. He told me the other day that I looked like I had lost some weight and of course I returned his wonderful complement with negativity about my body. This week I will focus on listening to the positivity and saying “thank you!”

I am keeping our community in the loop about my weight loss journey to be transparent about the fact that weight loss is NOT EASY. It is a journey of the MIND as well as the body and you need to understand that without the 2 factors working together at the same time you will NEVER see the results you want. I can be 100% honest and tell you all that my head WAS NOT in the game the past 2 weeks. Part of me thought I could “slide by” by just working out and “kinda” sticking to the diet program…. I know, I know… me of all people should know better. Well, now I have to practice what I preach my friends because I can tell you that I saw ZERO progress with just exercise. IT’S THE FOOD. The past is the past. I have my head and heart in the game now (and the snacks out of the house LOL). In an upcoming blog I want to touch on motivation and how to get your head mentally in the game. Stay tuned for that!

AS ALWAYS, know that myself and my staff here at 95 Nutrition is ready at any time to help you take the first step on your weight loss journey.

Just take the first step along side of me and my team. You won’t have to do this alone!!